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Feb 14, 2013
I experience quite a bit of pain in my feet and legs and have seen others posting about that as well, but I also have a good deal of problems with my upper back between my shoulder blades. Is anyone else experiencing this. If so, do you have anything that helps?
I know for me, depending on the type of pain I use muscle relaxants or hot and cold pads. The pads have varying degree of success, but it does provide relief for an hour or two.

I'll also used tiger balm in a liquid pump if someone is around to rub it in, between the penetrating soothing feeling and someone's touch seems to work for me. The pain and discomfort is still there, but it's less, and that's always better than doing nothing.
I suffer with alot of pain in my legs and feet, specially when ive been on them for awhile. I use Voltarol gel that helps, painrelif helps too plus when ive finished being on my feet, i sit down and put my legs up.
And with the pain in the upper back and shoulder blades, the pain gel and painkillers helps that too. When i get sharp pains in my shoulders and back, i go lay on my bed and dont move if i can it slowly help the pain less, its always there but i can cope with it a bit better.
Also when im in pain i do breathing control that helps too, i breathe in from my nose and out through my mouth, it also does help not thinking about the pain. Just picture urself somewhere u'd like to go and think about what u would like to do or see.
Thank you for the suggestions. Having one of those hard days today, so I think I will try out a few.
Hey there, when I have problems with back pain I use my heating pad and sometimes my vibrating massage mat to relax those muscles. Then I go and lay down in bed for awhile to totally relax. If my legs are hurting too, I try to keep them extra warm. Sometimes I have a friend give me lower back and leg massages to ease the pain if it is really bad. I have tried soaking in warm water with epson salts to relax and ease pain. and used aspercreme on the worest spots. Hope this helps.
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