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Aug 30, 2017
Hi all, I just want to ask if someone ever tried using shrooms or truffles for medical purposes? I was reading some articles about this magic truffles and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I've read magic truffles or shrooms compaired to synthetic drugs are very alarming. Also magic mushroom are use on reducing the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients. I would really want to hear other insights regarding this new possible alternative meds. Thanks

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I would say stay far away from using these mushrooms for medical reasons. I have heard they are often not the real thing and you could end up with a regular mushroom or a harmful one. Everyone comes up with a money making quackery cure or help for fibro, but don't in your haste to feel better waste money or your health trying things that most likely will not help you at all. Think safety first.
generally speaking i would suggest that using one drug (or different form of drug) to give up another will just keep you entangled
Shroom? Oh man . I'm already deal with the hallucinating effects from my sleep disorder and anemia problem enough to sent shiver down my fibro crooked spins I can't even imagine more hallucination from eating mushroom. I might ended up running out of my house butt naked and get caught in even more bigger troubles. :shock: As if having tons of problem already wasn't embarrassing enough. :oops:
If you can get the real thing, psyllicybin mushrooms, not cut with anything else, nothing else added, and you know where they came from and can completely trust the source, and you have the exact right dosage for your size and weight and condition, and you have a very safe place and a very knowledgeable person there to act as your guide and who will step in if you have difficulty, then they can be a good thing. Same with kiowaska.

These drugs can bring insight when done properly.

HOWEVER let me state unequivocally that unless ALL of the above conditions can be met fully it is very dangerous to mess with any drug that can be hallucinogenic. And it is pretty hard for the vast majority of people to meet all of those conditions. So best to stay away from them.
yeah, I'd disagree with shrooms being particularly dangerous, BUT they're also not to be messed with. psyllicybin mushrooms are extremely subjective to the dosage, the environment, you mood, who your with, etc. It can be a great time or horrible, and it last for hours.
Yes, there has been some limited research into its potential medicinal uses, but most of that has been for treating psychological conditions (and most of that research got cut off years ago). I have heard of people using them for pain, but you would need an extremely reliable source and it would be super tricky to figure out the right dosage.
If you want to have a nice trippy afternoon in the woods with good friends, go for it. For pain management, I'd look at CBD oil or other medicinal cannabis products instead.
Marijuana has a strong history of being extremely helpful for fibro pain. If it is legal where you live, try that. If it is legal to get for medicinal purposes, find a doctor to prescribe it for you. Unlike mushrooms it is not dangerous at all, and has many benefits.

There are many strains bred for medicinal use and many of them will not get you high if that is not what you want.....they will simply ease the pain. If it were legal where I live I would be doing it, but cannot due to random drug testing. I do know several people here who do have medical cards who say that it has made all the difference for them and has taken them from being housebound with pain to being able to have a normal life as long as they are careful with budgeting their energy and activities. Huge difference!
wow i wonder why there is not more legalisation of medical marijuana.....i recently saw Olivia Newton John on TV talking about her Wellness centre for cancer praising marijuana as a wonder drug not just for pain but research into it for easing other symptoms.

I think in UK if the fear factor of it being an illegal drug was taken away by research and the medical profession educated and promoting as more normal for pain and fatigue it would feel much safer to it is it still frightens me because of the association with being taken for all the wrong reasons as an illegal high.
I made the mistake of taking shrooms (registered retailer, all legal etc.) back when I also thought it would help me with my anxiety. There were various kinds and I tried almost all of them. The 'lighter' ones would only change the way I saw the world around me - everything was more bright, colourful, things were vibrating. But it did nothing for my mood. The effect would be over in an hour. Not even worth it at all.

And all the others that I tried, the somewhat stronger ones - the trip would start slowly, at the start it would be ok, but as it went on and on, it would get worse. Then good again. Then worse again. It is hard to explain, but I was stupid at the time, and now I really regret even having tried them. I would advise anyone with any kind of mental disorder to completely stay away from them. A friend of mine with anxiety had advised me to do it, but later it turned out that her anxieties were 'normal' life problems (in fact in my case, my friend had made some big mistakes at work and she was scared of her managers - duh!), not the inner demons that I had been fighting against my whole life.

So to try them for fibro? No thank you very much. Not until they do a lot of research and safety tests for a milder version, then maybe. But until then, stay away from them is my advice. Their effect can be so unpredictable that you can completely lose control, and there is nothing you can do when you are in the middle of it.
When I was younger I had tried just about everything at least once do to my stupid curiosity. And while living in the different part of the world in different time where there was much more easier to experiencing with things that would probably had me locked up right now just for even looking at it. I have to say shroom is by far the most horrible experiences for me it was a nightmare come true. The reason why I'm not using any drugs now not because I wanna be good. It's just that I remember every bits of all the bad side effects I had experienced up to now are much to traumatizing for me to live through it again over and over. I can't even smoke weed , my stomach acid would completely destroy me from inside out and I'm getting extremely heartburn just even the smell of it . I don't hate it , in fact I'm envy other people who could enjoy it , but my grandmother tried to used it on me to make me eat more when I was very young cause I was extremely skinny. ( keep in mind it was the different times different place, where herbalist were partly consider somewhat a doctor ) , long story short it didn't go well :( and that stucked with me till adult . I always wonder what's wrong with me. So at some point I ended up with my own experimental pharmaceutical launch planed and yes that was stupid but I had to know. Although I have never been an addict on anything serious cause I went down that path with different goal in mind, however when I was mentioning running out of the house butt naked , it definitely was not an illusion.:mrgreen:8)
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