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May 30, 2013
Hi everyone,
Lately I've been dealing with a whole new problem(ugh) which is problems with my eyesight. The best way to describe what happens is one of my eyes goes blurry and there's like a crack across my vision. It makes it impossible to focus, and then once the worse clears up I have pressure pain in my eyes.
Has anyone had this? If so, what do you do to clear it up?
Take care
I have this happen at times. For me, it is usually relatively short lived. I have not found the cause yet. I thought it was related to my migraines. However, I often experience this even when I am not having head pain.
I'm very relieved to hear I'm not the only one. I thought it had to do with migranes as well but it never happened. When my vision went weird, I had a flare up on bad leg and hand pains, and my face broke out in a patchy rash.
I was wondering if you'd been tested for ms? That's probably the one thing I hadn't been tested for, but my Dr said it's now something to investigate.
It is important to have your eye doctor check your eyes for possible problems. Things like a detached retina or diabetic conditions can cause this type of problem, as well as, other eye dieases. If your checked out as fine then and only then, consider it a fibro issue.

I think we get so used to things being related to fibro, that we can get to thinking that any new development is a fibro related issue, and this kind of thinking can put us at risk of letting a serious condition go untreated. When the part of your body is something as important as your eye sight go get it checked out right away. :)
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