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Mar 1, 2013
Good day to all the precious and beautiful people.

I am Yatte a mother of 2 of which the oldest is 3 years old. I do not have fibro myself, but my sister do, and I see her struggle every day to overcome all the hurdles this disease throws at you. I am also a qualified Radiographer.

When I was 33 weeks pregnant with number one, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This is a confirmed auto immune disease that targets the colon and causes multiple bleeding and septic ulcers in the colon. I have chronic acidic diarrhea ( like in 20 times a day, and it burns like hell), abdominal pains so bad that I can not walk, and gas that makes me look like a balloon and feel like I want to burst.

My doctor lately confirmed that my vitamin and mineral absorption is zero at the moment, due to my colon not working correctly. The result of this means I am tired all the time. Being over tired makes my colitis worse. My hair falls out in bunches, and I get the most horrific muscle cramps, also because of the vitamin and mineral I have double dose vitamin shots every week now, and once a month a drip to replace the lost minerals.

UC is a very difficult disease to manage and it is quite restricting, I need to be close to the toilet every where I go, I need to manage my stress as far as possible, I need to watch what I eat and get enough sleep. This means no hiking or camping, the bare minimum amount of eating out, and I had to quit my job, I can still do the work but the stress of working with badly damaged and sick people just makes everything worse.

A while ago I was floating in limbo on the depression boat, I had it quite bad (at first they considered bi-polar, but as timed progressed we ended up at minor). I had terrible panic attacks, it got so bad that I could not look after my children and had to stay with family for a while. I still see my therapist and Psychiatrist regularly, and now we only have to manage the depression, and I am off the drugs. With hypnotherapy, we discovered that coping with a new disease and 2 babies, where just to much for me to handle.

If my only purpose here is to help someone have a better day, orr to cope with the depression resulting from feeling bad every day. I will be satisfied to the extreme.
Thank you Yatte and hello. I got the IBS thing so know what you mean about not wanting to go out for fear there is no loo when you get caught unawares as it we're.
Depression is a big battle too. Seem to have been battling that one most of my adult life. When I was fitter I had my own coping mechanism... I just got super busy and went on long walks now not so easy as I can't get around so well so I'm back on the meds.
So perhaps we can all keep each other out the dolldrums
Good to see you on this forum and I find your information very helpful and encouraging to many. I think this forum that supports those with fibro provides a clear pathway that is uncluttered, and (far away from negative comments, that only service to hurt and not help), very helpful to those of us suffering from depression. I know in my own life depression has been a big factor caused by the pain of fibro and being abandon by friends and family, when the going got rough.

I also am happy to be here surrounded by those who share the pain and other symptoms, and can easily walk in my shoes. So again, welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing your name around the board and getting to know you. :)
Thank you all for the warm welcomes. This is something very dear to me and something close to my heart. I believe all people with an auto-immune disease are linked in a special way, not only trough trials and tribulations, but also through endurance and faith. We all have our coping mechanisms, but we cope somehow. It is really something special to be able to help others by sharing my own experiences, fears and hopes for getting better.

This forum can really a be a step forward in understanding and learning how to deal and cope with your disease, and also by sharing it lightens the load, and makes us all more positive regarding the things to come.
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Hi Yatte! You've got a special and nice way with words. A joy to read :)

I think you're right, we're a small community and a special group of people (those of us with auto-immune diseases).

I, a long time ago, came to the conclusion that we all have troubles and problems. Everyone. Ours happens to be this disease, and that's just fine with me. If it wasn't this it would be something else. Nobody gets a free ride in life :)
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