What about the gut biome?

I'm not sure if it's related to chemicals in foods, allergies, addiction or emotional eating; probably a combination of all factors.
Allergies are 100% a strong maybe :p I wouldn't point a finger at chemicals in the food, since I doubt you eat the same thing for every meal, but don't rule out environmental chemicals. As for addiction and emotional eating, I see them as the same thing. And, here might be were the rubber meets the road.

When we feel sad, we look for anything that will make us happy again. Foods that are high in histamine help in this regard, by giving us a hit of serotonin. Histamine is also responsible for inflammation. We want to feel better, but the food only makes us feel good for short periods of time.

Looking back, I can only facepalm. It's the good old chicken and the egg type problem. Note: the chicken came first just incase you were wondering.

First off, not at doctor and I don't know how any of this stuff really works. I've just been reading a lot of studies and I have my own conjecture.

Theory 1: Could it be the food(companies) have turned us into histamine(serotonin) junkies; which then causes over eating of these foods; which could then led to histamine->serotonin intolerance; which then causes a build up of histamine; which then causes a sensitivity to histamine->inflammation; which can cause lower levels of histamine->serotonin; which might cause depression; which makes you want to feel better by eating something, maybe? This might explain binge eating too.

Theory 2: same as Theory 1, but you start with poor mental state and self-medicate with food. (I might be here)

Theory 3: Something else is causing the inflammation, but diet is making worse for same reasons as above.

Theory 4: I'm a crackpot that had too many Red Bulls at work.

I'm going to go on a very low to no histamine diet for a week or two and see if that helps me. I don't think I'll have a problem with the food. Honestly, food prep seems to be the biggest hurdle for me (all cooked meats must be boiled).

My GF calls me a food junky and she thinks I'll have to eat this way for the rest of my life if it helps. I think, if it really is an intolerance, it's reversible, and I can make fried chicken a "sometimes" food. I guess we will see :)
@Dryice2199 @MissNeverWell
(all cooked meats must be boiled).
Do you mean that you can only eat boiled meats? Silverside/corned beef might be a good one for you.

Well, I guess all of your theories could work. I love number 4 :D :D :D

I firmly believe a lot of our 'illnesses' are from the various chemicals , or 'additives' in our food, regardless of where it enters that food chain.

People are generally quick to blame farmers, but many things are done to foodstuffs after leaving the farm and before it lands on the plate. Special sprays and gasses to give foods, including fruit and veg, a longer shelf life, or just to make them look better. Preservatives to make things last longer before going off.

Years ago my brother worked with an undertaker. The undertaker commented that it's easier to prepare bodies now and time is not so critical. There are so many preservatives in the body that they do not deteriorate as quickly as they used to years earlier. We are not talking a long time here, the undertaker would now be around late 60's, maybe 70's, so we are seeing this happening in the past few decades.

Kid of creepy, but somehow not surprising. I also think that if animals are pumped with growth promotants, that has to follow through the food chain. Now that could easily explain obesity.

Theory 1: Could it be the food(companies) have turned us into histamine(serotonin) junkies

Some years ago our cats favourite dry food brand was bought out by another company. A while later, the cats were throwing up continually. The vet explained some companies put things in the food to make the animal feel hungry, so they overeat, throw up, then eat, etc, which effectively sells more product as so much is wasted. We changed brands!
What is a nohistamine diet? I've never heard of it. I didn't even realize we had histamines in our food.
"Crackpot who had too many Red bulls at work" LMAO 😂

I absolutely agree that nutrition is one of the foundations of healing and good health along with sleep, hormones, identifying and treating infections and exercise/activity.