What are your favorite Salad Toppings?

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Jul 1, 2013
Since it is summer, I have been making and enjoying salads lately. My favorite toppings are dried cranberries, avacado slices, red onions and turkey bacon. Sometimes I throw in a hard boiled egg and mozzarella cheese. What do you like to put on your salad?
I love to add toppers like chopped green peppers and tiny tomatoes, sliced black olives and fresh sliced mushrooms, croutons and shedded cheese, baby carrots and peapods, and radishes. I love salads and usually eat one everyday. I usually save the hard boiled eggs for potato salad or too eat alone. Salads are so healthy and tasty, don't you agree. :)
My husband does 90% of the cooking and is always making interesting salads. One of my favorites is watermelon,blueberries,honeyed goat cheese and a lime/balsamic vinegar reduction dressing. So yummy and refreshing on hot summer days.
I really like almost everything on salads....maybe not all at once, but different things on different salads. One of my favorite things is fresh sprouts. They are so very easy to make, and so delicious to eat on the salads. I just got some fenugreek seeds, and I have been sprouting those, and they are SO delicious. They are larger than an alfalfa sprout, and easier to handle and grow, and have the most wonderful flavor.
I also really like garbanzo beans on my salads. And even the five bean salad mixed n with lettuce greens is delicious.
I make my own blue cheese dressing, and use it on Cobb salad with bacon bits and tomato slices.
In Summer, salads are just plain good, no matter what you put in them.
I love fresh tomatoes on my salad, a bit of cheese, some croutons if I have them. Sunflower seeds are also great. And I love cold chicken breast on my salad. So good and gets my protein in for the day:)
Have you ever tried watermelon with feta cheese? It goes together surprisingly well. I saw a recipe once that had watermelon-feta-cucumber kabobs and it looked so good. You're lucky to have a husband who makes such fancy salads!
I also use a lot of avocados on salads. I usually use spinach for my salads because it is more nutritious than lettuce. I love to put black olives, sun dried tomatoes, croutons, sliced carrots, and even some cous cous with cilantro mixed in. I usually eat a salad every night before dinner. It is so key to maintaining health. I look forward to reading through the posts and finding new salad toppings to try out!
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