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May 30, 2013
Hi everyone,
I am new to this website. I was recently diagnosed with FM and Im hoping to get to know some of you on here as I think a support group is very important to have.
In my case, I've had a very difficult time these last three years with all my seemingly random symptoms and problems. I thought maybe I was just unlucky, and never thought my problems were connected. My boyfriend at the time was convinced that I was making up a lot of my issues, which resulted in me being reluctant to see a doctor when a new issue would arise. The crazy thing is, I started to believe him, thinking I was a hypochondriac since my xrays and blood work would be negative most of the time, and my ex doctor would tell me nothing can be done to help me. Before recently I didn't know much about fibromyalgia.
I feel a lot of you, like me, have a pretty interesting time line with new symptoms arising, and I'm interested to see how our stories compare.

Here's my timeline:

Late 2010
-Extreme fatigue started and never went away. Blood work was always negative and I was told to take it easy.

- Costochondritis diagnosed. That year it was really bad, and it still comes and goes. Dr said it was due to heavy lifting, even though it wasn't a big part of my lifestyle.
- Random unexplained pain flare ups started. Mostly in legs and arms but I would always assume it had to do with work.
-Digestion problems started. I would spend the first half of the day vomiting. This would happen about three days of the week for 4 months straight. I still have digestion problems but not at this insane rate. I assumed I had a sensitive stomach.

Late 2011
-Fingernail problems started, and stayed. This includes nail loss, ridges and red skin around nails. Dr said it was eczema since bloodtests for other issues were negative.
-Extreme hand pain started as a result of Carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.
-Constant migranes started. I get at least 2 a week.
-Grand Mal seizure. They assumed it was due to taking Tramadol.
-Depression reoccurs. Something I suffered with in the past and use to take medication for, but I don't like the side effects so I leave it untreated. It tends to come and go.
-Night sweats start. They come and go, and result in a soaking wet bed.
-Sleeping problems start. Some nights I am lucky to get 2 solid hours. Sleep paralysis starts as well.

-Fuzzy mind and memory troubles. I thought I was getting "stupid" or "slow". I was unable to think as quickly as I use to, and my *ex* doctor didn't investigate it. This is something I still struggle with and it is embarrassing.
- Had corrective surgery for CTS, but the pain never got better. My doctor couldnt explain my pain.
- Leg pain flare ups get so bad, some morning I would crawl out of bed.

-Hands and fingers ache so badly I can hardly hold a cup of coffee some mornings
- Rashes that are unlike eczema develop on legs, face, elbows and back of hands
- Joint pain in feet and muscle pain in legs hurt so badly they keep me up at night.
-dizzyness and blurry slight come and go.

These problems come and go, and most have gotten worst over time. The hand pain, fuzzy mind and fatigue are the most bothersome. I have good and bad day, but its hard to remember the last time I felt "normal"
During the past three years I've taken different medications to help for separate symptoms, and I've had an uncountable amount of various tests, most of them came back negative. Some of my past issues might not be related to FM, like my seizure, but thought it was worth mentioning. Also, I'm sure there are many little things I forgot to write about.
But I'd love to hear about your story. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this.
2001 started having strange pains all over
2002 having chest pains and rib pain, admitted to hospital found nothing
2003 having arthritis like pains all over, tested for ra and lupus found nothing
2004 more pains, cannot sleep tired all the time ....drs can't find anything
2005-2007 no insurance just dealing with pain as best as I can
2008 suspecting lupus even though blood work comes out negative , having heartburn and more pain
2009 start having hypoglycemic episodes and injured back, found out I had DDD, spinal stenosis and need major fusion surgery...pain continues
2010 put on all kinds of anti inflammatory drugs, and narcotics.....migraines are 3-4 times a week now
2010-2012 being treated for lupus and back issues
2013 unable to work, file for disability waiting court date......finally diagnosed but no relief in site they were already giving me meds for lupus which are much of the same for Fibro.........still processing just found out yesterday
Hello there! Mirror image of what I am presently experiencing. I was tested for lyme's disease, RA, lupus, MRI, complete blood work up, etc... nothing! so, here I am with my Fibro label. I sleep every night with my heating pad :) and I absolutely LOVE my Lavender Epsom Salts from Rite Aid (like six bucks for a big bottle and it smells fabulous)... I find it hurts to exercise but i'm in more pain without it! I have two children and one with Autism which makes for an interesting balance. do you have children? I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, which really helps when I am having one of those REALLY bad days... I am very curious about how you manage your pain! I also did physical therapy involving a hot therapy pool.. that helped, but only for a few hours and then I was right back where I started. my medicine list is ENDLESS and extremely frustrating.. definitely fighting that really "alone" feeling... booo!
My problems came on in 1988, all sorts of weird pain and extreme fatigue, for no reason. As time went on the symptoms would come and go, and new ones would replace old ones. For several years 1989-2004, my family doctor believed I had MS. In 2004 I was first diagnosised with fibro, but my other doctors did not believe it even existed. More years of suffering including breathing problems and inflamation in my mouth and bad headaches and vision problems. I was diagnosised with fibro the second time in 2006. This timeline is sort of a mixed up affair but what I have learned is to roll with the symptoms and try not to panic. Most of the time they move on in a few days. The more I worried about what was wrong the worse the symptoms became. I have had Costochondritis, many times and it is very painful. I lived in fear of having something seriously wrong with me and no one believed me for a very long time. Fibro means surviving on your own through the rough patches and trying to enjoy the good days. Even with a diagnosis most people think your faking and just lazy. Just hang in there and as the years go by you learn to take everything at a much slower pace and with less stress the symptoms become easier to bear. :)
I have 4 kids, to be honest with you I use medicinal weed which helps with my nausea and pain, plus it ups my appetite so i eat.and a TENS unit during the day for pain. I also take a 2-3 hr nap each day helps get me through the day. In the evenings to sleep I take Percuset and flexeral and use heating pads, I still don't sleep well at night which is why a daily long nap is needed.....I am constantly in pain but I do the best I can, humor helps :)
Also I have tried physical therapy and chiropractor and just about everything else, issue is with my bad back I cannot do most core exercises, I plan on joining the YMCA they have water aerobics for Fibro paitients....we shall see
Lavender bath salts sound like a great idea! I use my tub daily to help with my pain. I even bring in my laptop and stick on a dvd for those extra long soaks. I think the lavender aspect could help with the insomnia as well. Great tip!
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