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May 3, 2013
I used to be able to "suck it up" and carry on through enormous pain. Back 10 years ago I had some health issues and was in pain daily but I got up every day got the kids to school went to work as a care aide came home cleaned house etc etc. I even went through the recovery of a complete hysterectomy with no pain meds (not even a tylenol) Now I have days where I can barely walk a few steps to the bathroom. I have just been diagnosed with Fibro and this pain is so different from anything I have ever felt. Try explaining to others the electrical zaps, the edgy/skin crawling,constant aches and pains, they don't get it. My husband is great he doesn't understand but is sympathetic. Okay had my little rant and feel a bit better now. Thank goodness for places like this where we can rant freely.:smile:
Pain is one thing, but fibro also tosses in muscle weakness and chronic fatigue to the mix. If you're tired you just can't "suck it up" and carry on like you're used to!

I feel you. I had an old-school gallbladder removal back in 2009 (non-lapro), and was up and walking the halls within the same day of surgery to the point that they promised me they wouldn't put the leg stockings back on, but I needed to lay down! I didn't take anything but a tylenol, and only for the first day or two.

Now there's days if I do too much (and it doesn't take much to be "too much") where trying to wash my hair feels like I'm trying to bench-press a volkswagon.
I used to be able to "suck it up" and carry on through enormous pain. Back 10 years ago I had some health issues and was in pain daily but I got up every day got the kids to school went to work as a care aide came home cleaned house etc etc.

There are so many kinds of pain... yep, some can be "sucked up" and we move on. But some are impossible to do that with because they are so deep. And our bodies change in so many ways in ten years. Even the difference between 18 and 28 is very noticeable in some areas of life.

Sometimes we just need to be good to ourselves and slow down. Actually that's for everyone, fibro or not, but with fibro it becomes even more important.
Hey there :) I had a davinci hysterectomy and have often wondered if the trauma that it put on my body has partially to blame for all of this?! I chuckled when you mentioned the zapping... I have been trying SOOO hard to explain the zaps to my husband! OMG finally someone who gets zapped! i'm not crazy! I get the zaps in my head... i'ts kind of like electrical shocking along with the ear ringing... I can honestly say that I did used to get brain zaps prior to the Fibro due to changing my antidepressant. something with the brain / chemicals in the brain... by the way, you are a WARRIOR going through a hysterectomy med free... whoo hoo that's intense! I constantly get the creepy crawlies on my skin and goose bumps... then sometimes the chills! i'm sticking to my story about the evening HOT Epsom salt baths... it's not a miracle, but it is something to help with relaxation.. and does stop the skin crawling for me :)
I am slowly accepting the fact that Fibro pain is different than any other pain and that I have limitations on what I can and can not do. When all this first started and I would get electrical zaps that made me jump my husband/family would ask are you ok? Now they just accept it is the way I am and don't say anything lol. It is helpful having forums like this to support each other and to ease our minds that we are not crazy. Nikki, your post about hysterectomy being partially to blame is something I have wondered about lately also. Thank you to all for your support and kind words.
It's a good thing that you have someone close to you. I am sure your husband loves you very much and he tries to understand, but explaining it to him too often might sound like complaining all the time. That doesn't mean you shouldn't explain to him what you are going through, I am sure he want to understand and he will make an effort if you ask him too.
There is only so much sucking it up you can take. Even sucking it up is exhausting so it's bound to overflow once in a while. Sometimes I wonder if we didn't sick it up would we feel better in the long run? Hmm. Maybe that's why grumpy buggers live longer.
The pain with fibro is a brand all it's own. Everything is different then the normal pains of everyday life. How do you explain it when pain circles every rib and your sterum aches like a toothache. Just having a name for the condition makes it no easier to explain because costochdritis is hard to pronounance and equally hard to live with. Zapping feelings and feeling like veins are popping in your head, constant headaches that differ from normal headaches. And muscles that hurt and weaken where they meet up with joints is enough to make you scream ' I can't take it anymore' but somehow we pull it together and move on.
The reasons why we have it is unexplainable. Is it the food we eat or the water we drink? Is it from things that have happened in our lives? No one knows. The thing most baffling about it is people all over the world suffer from it. The only thing we have in common besides our suffering is we are all on the same boat.
Anybody want to throw a boat party?
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