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Apr 13, 2013
My family doctor diagnosed me a couple years ago and has me on Cymbalta for pain. The pain has gotten much worse even though my life, activity, diet hasn't changed much. I take either ibuprofen or naproxen at the max dose every day just to function. My dr gave me Ultram but will only give me 10 a month of a very low dose. Her only response is to start me on neuron tin or lyrica which I'm wary of. I'm also afraid something else is wrong since the pain rapidly worsened. I need to see a specialist, but don't know-rheumatologist, neurologist?
Neuro, then rheumy would be my choice. Just be prepared to deal with cost and emotional drain if that occurs. In my experience, seeing a slew of specialists gave me a whole lot of health anxiety.
If you are dealing with either muscle pain or joint pain, then a Rheumatologist is the doctor you need to see. This doctor deals with all forms of these problems including fibromyalgia. Don't be so afraid of medications. I have a relative that goes on line every time a doctor gives her new medication. She reads all the possible side affects that may or may not happen, and then refuses the medication. Thus, she is always sick and in pain. The best thing you can do for yourself is first see a rheumatologist. Let the doctor run tests to rule out any other diseases that could be causing your symptoms, and then if it's fibro, try whatever meds the doctor suggests that you use.

I use Neurontin and have had no major side effects. I like it because it goes along well with other medications and does not cause interaction problems. I tried Ultram, but was not able to use it due to allergies. Everyone reacts differently to medication, but we must at least try and see if it can work for us. I hope I have answered your question.

By the way welcome to the forum. I hope you will come back often and read the various topic's on pain management and see if any of the suggestions listed can help you with your pain. Always be willing to accept help and also try doing things to help yourself that are not drug related. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Hope you have a better day tomarrow. :)
Although it's redundant, I agree with the previous posters. I would probably try a Neurologist first, since they specialize in conditions related to nerves. Personally, I think the services of a Rheumatologist would work better in conjunction with the Neurologist. Best wishes.
I suggest you see a neurologist before seeing a rheumatologist. The neurologist or neurosurgeon will probably require you have an MRI before your appointment, so you will need to figure out which area of your body is most affected by the pain. If your pain has a mechanical cause, meaning it is due to disc or joint problems, a neurologist or neurosurgeon can tell if soft tissue compression causes your pain.

If this specialist cannot find anything on the MRI, the rheumatolgist is the next stop. If the specialist finds something on your MRI, you may get away with a neurologist's simply changing your medication. A neurosurgeon might suggest minimally invasive surgery, depending on what zone of the body he wants surgically corrected.

You may save a little money by looking for the mechanical cause, first, then going to the rheumatologist after mechanical causes have been ruled out.
Agreed with the above.... neurologist and rheumatologist. That combination is what got me diagnosed and on the path to managing this.
Something else to consider...

If you want to have a pain management clinic or specialist manage your pain, because they are often a lot more comfortable and aggressive with pain relief, a pain specialist or clinic will require medical imagery with medical records tracking your pain and past treatments.

Should a referral to a neurologist or neurosurgeon require an MRI you will be killing two birds with one stone while building a case for better, more aggressive pain management.
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