What to take for fatigue

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Sorry, folks, to re-visit this topic. When i was first diagnosed I read a thread about medications being taken for fatigue/tiredness. One of the medications a few of you were taking was something that either MS or Parkinson's patients took but it helped some of you. I searched 'energy' and 'fatigue' on this site and can't find that thread. I'm going for my clinic visit in a few weeks and wanted to propose some things to my dr to help with this tiredness I'm having. I'm on CoQ10 now but it's not working as well as it did previously. Thanks!
This isn't for energy as much as muscle strength, but do you take Creatine? If not I would recommend it, be sure it contains CreaPure®, as the cheaper stuff has fillers in it (so I've learned through research)
My neuro gave me Mestinon, 1/2 tab 3xday with food. Cheap, generic old Myesthenia gravis drug but it has reaaly helped me. Worth asking about.
Lori - have I told you lately I love you. :) That was the post I saw. Didn't realize it was so old. Was looking from Feb 12 forward. The other post IS pretty funny.

hjlindley - I saw the mestinon on another thread and wrote it down. Thanks. Now I'll add the other ones and discuss them all with my dr in a few weeks.

Helen - I'll look for that Creatine. I've seen it on here before but keep forgetting every time I'm in the pharmacy/vitamin aisle at the store. I like to add only one thing at a time to see how it affects me so starting the Creatine now for a few weeks will show me how it works for me and then I can talk pills with the doc.

Thanks all. I always need to have my questions in order when I go to clinic. They always agree with what I suggest (what I learn from here) but never seem to volunteer the info to me. It's exhausting to be so proactive with this disease -- to be the 'one in charge' of it. But that's the way it seems to go.
The nurse comes to my house ever week I get vitamin B Complex shot twice a week and Vitamin B-12 once a week.
Helen: is the creatine a prescription or is it over the counter med?
I can say that B12 shots have helped me, have been getting them monthly and also take the chewable B12 tablets a couple of times a day.
Creatine is good but remember to drink heaps of water when your taking it. I was taking it before MND when I was training a lot and without enough water intake the headaches are horrible!
Thanks all! Just bought some Vitamin B Complex and picked up a specialty, double-shot of espresso, coffee on the way! I have my list of options and am ready for the discussion with my doc in a few weeks. (I like the B shot option and will discuss the pros and cons of the other pills with him.)
sorry, I didn't see your question before... you can buy the creatine over the counter... it's a powder you add to water. Start at 5grams in 16 oz. of water. It tingles in your mouth at first. I put it in a water bottle in the morning and drink it over the next hour or so.

I buy mine on line through vita cost. Because I'm in a clinical trial (Dex) they don't want me to take more than 5g a day, but you could try slowly upping it... do some research on that and decide for yourself.
I'm drinking Esspresso in the mornings now.
I'm going back to a B complex vitamin now that I'm finished with the ClInical trial.
Mich, I hear you about having to make suggestions to the Doc!
If the B's don't do the trick I'm going to ask about the Mestinon at the Clinic in Oct.
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