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Nov 10, 2015
I have been in a limbo the past few months with my health. It all started around August when I developed an eye twitch. I googled it and was determined I had a serious illness. Once I read about certain diseases (MS, particularly) I was positive that was what was wrong with me and started having various twitches. My doctor diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety (which I do believe I have; but I think something else may be going on). I started Lexapro about a month ago. I have good days and bad, but I'm going to list my symptoms as I have a friend who went through this exact same process and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I will add, my doctor does want to see me again in a few weeks if the symptoms haven't improved.
Here they are:

1. Random twitching. It does seem to increase/decrease depending on how anxious I'm feeling or how much caffeine I've had.
2. Knee pain. I made the mistake of taking a nap on the floor the other day...when I woke up my knees were so stiff and hurting. This also comes and goes regardless.
3. I wake up feeling stiff in my neck, back, and shoulders. I've noticed if I sleep without my pillow, it helps with this a lot.
4. Elbow pain. This was sooooo bad right before I started my period. At times the pain would radiate down to my finger tips. I felt like if I could massage them I would feel so much better, but that was painful.
5. I ached constantly (especially in my forearms) right before and during my period last week. I was miserable and popping Tylenol constantly. It seemed to taper off when my period ended.
6. Random tingles on my face. These are hard to explain...I don't have "tingling" per se, just a tingle here and there...and if I touch that part on my skin, it stops. Weird, huh? This could be a side effect of Lexapro, though.
7. Strange sensation in throat. Can't even explain it.
8. Headaches that come and go. They aren't severe, just achey.
9. Knots in upper shoulders in the back and neck. This is probably my most consistent symptom. Ugh.

I have more symptoms and pain, but it would take all day. First on my list at my next appt is for the doctor to check my thyroid. If it's not my thyroid, I'm going to question him about fibro. Just would like some input on what you ladies think. Advice on what I should ask my doctor?
Welcome, it does sound a lot like Fibro, I have a lot of what you have explained.but stress does make u very tired and knot maybe ask your dr about Fibro .have u had any blood tests done to rule out anything else?.
No, I haven't. My doctor mentioned at my last appointment he wanted to check my thyroid, but he never ordered the bloodwork. I go back soon and will ask him to check. My shoulder/elbows down to my hands just ache today... and my knees feel so stiff. Is it normal to feel pain in the same place on both sides at the same time? I got so cold at a football game last night and when I stood up it felt like both of my knees were cracking to 5 million pieces. Ugh.
Yes is possible for i t to be the same both sides....especially as pain usually increases with use of muscles and affects joints. So you are standing on both legs and knees so both can be affected.....but sometimes only one will flare's all very random! You can also hurt anywhere with no activity just to confuse you even more!
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