Would love your insight and experiences for research on the link between fibro and mental illness/trauma! (ANONYMOUS GOOGLE FORM)


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May 12, 2024
Hi! I’m currently studying to become a Nurse Practitioner and found a source a while ago about how an estimated 88% of people with fibromyalgia experienced some form of childhood trauma. I feel that the correlation between trauma/mental anguish and physical disorders or syndromes is well understood (the body keeps the score!) yet everywhere I look there’s minimal, or misdirected research into the role that trauma or stress plays in the disorder.

I would really, really appreciate it if anybody who feels they have something to offer could fill out my Google form. I know it’s not the most sophisticated form of research, but I figured I would get more responses and more connection if it was a bit less sterile and formal. I would love your help. Take care of yourself today. You’re worth it. NEVER forget that you deserve care, you deserve to be taken seriously and you deserve meaningful treatment.
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Hello, @youdeservecare

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If you can figure out some other way of offering the survey to people here, it's possible that some folks will want to help you out with your research. :)

Thanks for your interest in this possible correlation between trauma and fibromyalgia. I personally believe that there is a connection, although not everyone who has fibro has suffered a trauma. Most of us here have reported something, though, whether it is childhood trauma or abuse, or a car accident, or an incident in our adult lives, that we feel has some connection.

I am definitely in favor of this possible connection being studied. Not sure what actual good it will do for those of us who have fibro, but I also feel that any and all information that can be gathered and studied can only lead to greater understanding of this syndrome, which may in turn lead to better solutions and/or treatments. Best of luck with your research.
I am very interested in participating. I have also read some research about a possible link between mental health and fibromyalgia. If you figure out a way to communicate the info that is permissible here, I will happily complete your form. Thank you so much for your research!
It does make me wonder, a few years after significant stress I was diagnosed at 20, it's hard to think of anything else that might have played a part.