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I am wondering how many are on some type of pain killer ? I was prescribed Tridural. the doctor told me it wasn't a narcotic, and I use a low dose. the Tridural seems to work a little at least it takes the edge off the pain.
is anyone using cannabis for the symptoms ? the first use of cannabis legally was for FM.
My Dr. never would prescribe any pain killers for me and I didn't want to take what they wanted to give me (i.e. SSRIs). However, I did try Gabapentin for the severe nerve pain I have and it did NOT do well for me.
I use cannabis everyday and am a huge advocate for CBD products. Everyone is different so you truly need to find what works for YOU.
Cymbalta and CBD seem to be helping with pain but not fatigue
Hey there! I'm new here are you today?
Hi, I’m coming off a flare up. Movement is hard but really does help. I’m glad to be here. Thanks for the welcome!
Hi - I've just been diagnosed with Fibro today - although have had it for over 10 years - looking back at all the data. I'm good with managing the pains but really struggling with my brain. Cant concentrate, think, and have virtually no short term memory - even for the fun things. I was fainting and have been off work the last 1.5 weeks. I'm keen to try to get back to work but I do a senior business role and my performance is really impacted by my inability to get my brain to work.

Does anyone have any tips, or guides they have used on the road to getting this under control and back to work functioning great?
Rheumatologist recommended hypnotherapy - said I will be great and see massive difference after that. Its booked for this coming Wednesday but I'm a bit unsure … Has anyone else used this approach and did it work ? (what did they do - if you don't mind me asking)

Any advice, experience shared would be so appreciated.

will be very interested in how mthismworks. It frustrates me and my family. Not the same mom or grandma
Hi ChinaCat. I read your post about dry needling. I have severe muscle knots and I've been considering dry needling. Did you continue with more dry needling sessions? How did they work for you? Any after-effects? Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer me.

Hey I was just curious if you found out what was going on after your neuro appointment. You described everything I’m experiencing exactly, I’m 29 male and also haven’t had any positive tests results.
Hey there! I am brand new too! Hope uour pain is tolerable today. My only pain scale is tolerable or intolerable.
Looking for help and support please. I am 30 years of age and i have been told by my doctor that i have fibromyalgia. The most debilitating thing is my back ache as well as all over muscle pain, weakness and tiredness. Daily i am in alot of pain. I have tired excerise but it just take me 10 steos back. The main reason i am looking for support is that for a reason my mother was dig with fibromyalgia, RHA and now osteoporosis and thinks i am actually not as bad as i make out i am!? I am so upset over this, i thought that above anyone that my mother would understand. I feel so alone, all my friends have lifes, familys, partners and i am watching there's play out whilst mines feels as if i cant do alot as i end up bedded with pain. Some days i feel like ending everything i feel so alone and dont know where to turn? Just because i dont have an arthritis or a proper diagnosis doesnt mean to say i am not in as much pain as i say i am? Any advise would be helpful.
Hi tSkip.
I just read your post "24 y/o male with fibromyalgia-related symptoms" and since the thread is closed I thought to write to you directly.
I completely understand what you´re going through. I've had a variety of symptoms since I was very young, and several diagnoses over the years. One of these was fibro. My case has been called "highly atypical" by doctors, and in addition to the leg pain, I've suffered from emotional disorders and a relentless brain fog, in addition to a constant feeling of discomfort.
Something very striking about your case is the eye discomfort you mention. In my case I constantly have a mild pressure in my left eye but the worst and strangest symptom is some pain and difficulty rotating my eyes within the sockets. I've found these eye symptoms to be associated with migraines, and they are all slowly improving with physical therapy.
Do you find it hard to rotate your eyes? Do you have headaches or migraines?
I been on Cymbalta for three months, omg the first month and a half I was sweating so much and my mouth was so dry.Then by the 3rd month I sttpped sweating and nomore dry mouth. It has helped somewat with depression and anxiety but its does nothing for pain. I went to the head of psychiatry at a hospital and he looked at me and smiled and says Cymbalta does not help with pain, Wow big pharma and their advertising and money its so sad
My mom has recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I believe shes had it for a really long time. I also have a 21 year old daughter who I think also suffers from this. She's been sick for almost 6 yrs now. Lost a lot of time in high school, lost friends because they thought she was faking being sick. She had many tests, xrays, blood work, mri's & was diagnosed with chronic migraines & ibs. She went completely gluten free in middle school, super hard for a teenager. Then high school came & so did migraines. Medications for migraines did nothing, strong pain meds helped but long term use was not an option. Botox treatments helped her graduate high school. Its been very hard for her, she struggles daily. She has SO MANY symptoms of fibromyalgia its ridiculous. She has an appointment with her doctor next week and we are going to push for some kind of fibromyalgia treatment. I don't know what that may be, but I'm doing a lot of research before we go.
Hi, I am a new member & really looking forward to sharing my illness with you. However, I am having a Flare Up & not able to think correctly. Therefore, I need to go to bed. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to be a member & to be sure that I’m officially on line. More information at a later time.
I was just reading a closed forum about fibro and fevers. You mentioned that you are reading a book about being misdiagnosed with fibro when it is actually CFS. I'm just wondering what book you are reading?