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Dr. Mark H. Arnold, MBBS, FRACP, MBeth is a Rheumatologist out of his office in Chatswood , NSW.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine

As of the last update to this profile, Dr. Mark H. Arnold, MBBS, FRACP, MBeth member type was that of: ACR Fellow International.

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Level 2 The Gallery
Chatswood NSW 2067


Hello Dr Arnold - you saw me in Gloucester a couple of years ago (first consultation 17 May 2013) and diagnosed PMR with a recommendation I take a course of Prednisolone, which I did for the remainder of the year until the symptoms seemed to disappear. 

Unfortunately, the symptoms have never disappeared, and have actually gotten worse this year.

I have mentioned this to my doctor (Safwat Khalid) here in Gloucester, but he seems disinterested in following it up further.

I also think you mentioned some other medication (other than Prednisolone) which was safer (or less damaging on liver etc), that I thought may be worth trying, but Dr Khalid claims he knows nothing of any such medication.

In your opinion, do you think it would be worth my while trying this other medication, and if so, what is its name, and how should I best obtain a prescription?

I am also led to believe that there is a condition associated with PMR called Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), for which I also show general symptoms, and which you also mentioned in one of your reports (15 June 2013) as being not convincing at the time. I feel strongly that the symptoms, especially the ongoing severe headaches and the scalp tenderness are pointing towards this being a major part of the problems. I have had these continuing symptoms since before 1982, when I was referred to St Vincent's hospital in Sydney for intensive tests.

Sincerely - Greg Sansom   (Oct 26 2015)

         Email:    (timandaglen@yahoo.com)    

         Phone:   0429-616-569


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