Dr. Martin H. Atkinson, MD, FRCPC

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Dr. Martin H. Atkinson, MD, FRCPC is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Calgary, AB.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine

As of the last update to this profile, Dr. Martin H. Atkinson, MD, FRCPC member type was that of: ACR Emeritus Member.

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2025 - Palermo Way SW
Calgary, AB T2V 5J6


Dr. Martin Hugh Atkinson is not a healer. He does not believe that fibromyalgia even exists. Dr. Martin Atkinson is paid by pharmaceutical companies to testify in favour of dangerous drugs. He is a master at manipulation and a Satanist.

Dr. Martin Hugh Atkinson is a corrupt, cruel wicked man. Empathy is something his family doesn't know. He despises love and embraces the cruelest views of humanity. Dr. Atkinson has a library in his home solely dedicated to Adolph Hitler. He had the court of queens bench rule that I was not allowed to practice my religion of Judaism in January 2010 Calgary, Alberta. He has in the past contributed $80 CDN to illegal prisons for children in the 1990' in Bergen County, New Jersey. Called scared straight. It was a covert mind control program in which he imprisoned his own son, Craig Martin Atkinson. Dr. Martin Hugh Atkinson favours sterilization for women he deems undesirable as in having less then supreme features. I am a victim of his sterilization. I am a victim of his bullying, his racism, anti Semitic and blatant cruel drugging and mind control. Today his kind control program resides in SW Calgary, under the name ARC. Alberta recovery centre. Dr. Atkinson was instrumental in coercing me to commit suicide. In which he did not succeed. 

This physician is a eugenicist. Specifically propagates abortions of non white women. Believes all non whites should be sterilized, and believes is selective pro white pro creation.
The three comments above are the same person. Eva Atkinson posted them. She is has every behavioural disorder in the book — the full spectrum. She is BPD and NDP (and malignant).


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