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Dr. Norma E. Jibb, MD, FRCPC is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Calgary, AB.

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  • Adult Rheumatology

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412 Sunridge Professional Ctr
Calgary, AB T1Y 6H6



I am looking for a doctor who has a good understanding of Fibromynalga.I am 49 yrs old and have been miss diagnosed over the years with many things .

I have Fibromynalga , Type two Diabetes, Kidney Disease,PTSD, Anxiety. I am also now 230 pounds . I have gained alot od weight from medications . I was also put on Oxy 20 mg four times a day for pain. I take many meds and have recenty started to try come off them . 

My doctor up and just left his practice 5 months ago. On his departure I was informed of many things. Such as my urine was never sent for labs and now find out I am loosing tons of protien and have been for many years . I am now under the care of a Kidney specialist who I feel confident with.

They new doctor that took my doctors place does not seem to have a handle on the challenges of Fibro and does not believe in anxiety meds. I have tried things her way for 5 months but I am not doing well. 

I would like to meet with you and see if you can help with my failing health. i do not drink or do drugs . I do smoke cigarettes and I am trying to find a happy medium,so I can some how regain some life . At this time i am bedridden many days and have not worked for two years and I am on CDP and awaiting AISH. I was a profession and enjoyed my work but can no longer work due to Flu type symptoms , pain , and memory is terribly affected . My diabetes is now under fair control due to new Doctor putting me on Insulin. If you feel you may be able to help me lead a more vibrant life please contact me . I am desperate to live  again . 


It has been confirmed by 4 different doctors that I have fibromyalgia.  I have good days and bad, just like everyone, but I also deal with clinical depression, abandonment, OCD, and polymyalgia.  I have tried several different types of therapy and medicine, but most of the time all I want (or is it need) to do is hide away from the world and cry.

I was found on the floor of the women's washroom last year by a co-worker and have since been at home on disability by Great West Life.  They suggested I apply to the government to get on permanent disability, but i was just refuse.  Because i can't walk or stand or sit too long - for the bones and joints feel like Lego that hasn't been put together properly, and hurt like the dickens at times - and because I get stabbing, crushing, gripping, kicking pains all day and night long throughout mostly the lower half of my body from the hips down, I don't know how I can do my admitting job.  My left shoulder cuff feels like I'm totally pulled apart the bones in the joint when I reach for something too quickly, and my memory has lost its 'flavor' in the past two years to the point where my daughter is now on her second month off from work so she can spend time with me.  She takes me with her almost every weekday morning from 9am to about 3pm.  She then calls me from suppertime until bedtime to make sure I'm okay.  I have a husband, but he works two jobs, so he's hardly ever home.  She is the one who always asks how I am and if i need anything.

I would like to book an appointment to see what you can do for me.  Why will the government not put me on disability?  I have a family doctor who has taken care of me for the past 10 years or so, and he has provided everyone who needs it, every test result we have.  I have also gone to a Chronic Pain Management Specialist, and a therapist at CBI North Hill, plus seen two different internal doctors for my right knee and fibromyalgia problems.  (I ripped the ACL from the right knee and suffered 3 tears to the meniscus in 2010.  My body has never been the same since.)


Sorry this is so long, but I wanted you to know as much as possible.




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