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Dr. Svetlana Stajkovic, MD is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Calgary, AB.

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  • Adult Rheumatology

As of the last update to this profile, Dr. Svetlana Stajkovic, MD member type was that of: ACR Fellows-in-Training 3rd year.

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University of Calgary
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6


I was diagnosed by 4 different doctors to have fibromyalgia. They said I have 15/18points, and put me on several different medications and methods of therapy. I was also told that I have clinical depression, OCD, and polymyalgia. I am receiving disability money from Great West Life, after some co-workers found me unconscious on thefloor in the women's washroom last year. I was told to apply for disability from the government, as the money from GWL will soon end. I was denied any benefits from the government, but am writing to you to ask why. I have a family doctor who has taken care of me for 10 years. He has supplied everyone who asks, all my test results, and any other paperwork they need from my file. I'm writing to you to ask if you know of any reason I was denied my right for disability benefits from the government. Where I used to walk all the time, I can no longer do that. Where I once used to enjoy swimming and visiting with family and friends, I now hide in my room and cry. I am not the person I was before. My body doesn't work the same, it gives me physical and emotional pain, and leaves me more tired/exhausted than I can even explain. The spasms are crippling - gripping, karate kicking, stabbing, bruising like pain, but you can't tell by looking at me. You see me and I look fine. That's what they say. But inside my body I live in hell. I can't walk or stand or sit for too long, because my body tenses up and that's when the spasms attack. My memory has changed so drastically, too. Where once I could quote and recite things, I now can't remember to take the keys out of my car before going inside the Co-op. I don't remember if I've washed the shampoo or conditioner out of my hair after I turn off the water to the shower. I was at the bank just last week and couldn't write my signature - TRUE STORY !! I could not sign the receipt with my signature. And yet the government has denied my request to receive disability money, because they feel I am fit to work. I was an admitting clerk - the second person you see when you enter inside a hospital. Last year, before I was found on the bathroom floor, it was like I had to be retrained after every break. I kept forgetting to stamp 'copy or fax' on paperwork that needed to go out. I kept forgetting what someone told me, so I would write notes to myself. I still forgot to check the notes for every little thing and became quite anxious about every movement I was asked to do. It all got too much for me, and I was crying on the way home every single afternoon. I hated cooking, driving, singing, and never laughed. One day, I just remember wanting to die. Next thing I knew, I was being wheeled down to the emergency department at Sheldon Chumir. Please make me an appointment so we can discuss what else I can do. No more meds, as I get bad reactions from them. Thanks.


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