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Dr. Suneil Kapur, MD, FRCPC is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Ottawa, ON.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine

As of the last update to this profile, Dr. Suneil Kapur, MD, FRCPC member type was that of: ACR Fellow Member.

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University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON K2H 9A5


Hi, I just got off the phone with your receptionist, after asking if you deal with Fibromyalgia, and she told me flat out NO..., She was not very helpful.

I have dealt with this doctor a few times and I can say that he may know his profession, but is not professional in a number of ways; not only is there a waiting time of almost one year to see him, no matter how painful and/or severe your condition, the waiting time once you arrive for the appointment is simply ludicrous.

To make matters even worse, his staff member/receptionist is downright unpleasant, nasty, snobbish, and seems to think and act as though she is the queen of the world.  Her demeanor is quite rude when people ask an enquiry and I have noticed that this takes place in person and when speaking on the phone.

I recently went for X-rays and other tests for my spinal condition and I was told point blank that I will not be called back if nothing shows up on those tests.  I cannot speak for everyone else, but having waited the length of time that I have, in a severely painful manner, just to be told that you will only hear the results 'if something shows up' is, again, downright professional.

Having been an executive office assistant for over 20 years, I know how it takes just a few moments to call and update someone over the phone.  And most people dealing with medicine want to know where they stand.

All-in-all, this doctor needs to get a hold of his practice.  And one of the areas that he must make changes is his secretary/receptionist.  She has been there for years and must know about office procedures, but she can definitely use in-depth courses on how to deal with and treat people.  I would not be surprised if she is a family member of his!

He has been my Rheumatologist for a number of years and is very caring and professional. He has a great bedside manner with the way he cares for his patients. People need to understand Rheumatologists are hard to come by and people need to be patient. I have no complaints about him or his receptionist. They are 2 of the nicest people you could know and I would recommend him to anyone needing a Rheumatologist.


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