Dr. Summer Y. Tilgner, FNP-BC, RT

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Dr. Summer Y. Tilgner, FNP-BC, RT is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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  • Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Orthopedics

As of the last update to this profile, Dr. Summer Y. Tilgner, FNP-BC, RT member type was that of: ARHP Health Professional.

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Innovative Health Care of Havasu
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
United States


This listing is incorrect.  I saw Summer Tilgner and she is not a doctor or a rheumatologist.  She has no training in rheumatology and was trying to get me to have a bone density test when I was only seeking treatment for my fibromyalgia.

Correction, Summer is certified by the American College of Rheumatology.  Did you really ONLY get offered a bone density test (since everyone should have one every 2 years), or we're you offered more treatment for fibromyalgia? 

Please research credentials. Being certified does not make her a doctor. She is a nurse practitioner working under a true Doctor, most likely her husband. I also went to her for fibromyalgia. She approached my case by performing a "shotgun" of lab tests, not covered by insurance. I had the bone density test as was also suggested. She insisted that I had rheumatoid arthritis based on a blood test, even though I had no symptoms. I then had to have an extensive eye test (insurance didn't cover)in order to be cleared to take a dangerous medicine she prescribed. I then began taking the medicine. After returning to Colorado I made an appointment with a specialist. He explained that I did NOT have RA and to stop the medication immediately. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. 


I think Summer has good intentions but I think she may overstep her boundaries and in my case at least, order unnecessary tests and medication. Fortunately I sought out a specialist who discovered her mistake. I just don't think playing around with someone's health is funny. 


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