Dr. Michael John Runge DO

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Chronic Pain
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Pain Management Specialist
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Dr. Michael John Runge DO is a Pain Management Specialist that deals with patients out of his office in Fresno, CA. He has been practicing medicine since his medical license was received in 2002. His medical license was issued in the state of California.

He specializes in the following discipline(s):

  • Pain Management Specialist
  • Occupational Medicine Spec

Dr. Michael John Runge DO graduated from Kirksville College Of Osteophathic Medicine in 1984.

At the time of posting, Dr. Michael John Runge DO was accepting the following medical insurance at his office in Fresno, CA:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna

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Office Address: 
Occupational Medical Associates
5160 N Fresno St, Suite 102
Fresno, CA 93710
United States


Hi, Are you still a pain management Dr? Do you do both spinal manipulations and prescribe needed medications? Other sites list you under assorted fields of practice and locations, which location are you currectly at? You are not a Kaiser Dr are you? (do not have Kaiser ins). Im looking for a new pain management Dr. Current on is leaving practice in Nov. Because I cannot take or be injected with steroids, do you prescribe pain medications ? Please update, all websites are conflicting in regards to your current specialty and location. thank you. Respond to email please  


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