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Dr. David H. Neustadt, MD is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in Louisville, KY.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Pediatric Rheumatology

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Univ Louisville Schl of Med
Louisville, KY 40202
United States


I went to Dr. Neustadt when I started having widespread pain that wasn't responding to over the counter pain medication. It was a very uncomfortable visit and I never returned for a follow-up. He had me to undress completely and wear one of those paper covers. He pushed around on my pelvic bone and asked if it hurt. He also had me bend forward facing away from him. There was not a female nurse in the room during the exam. While I realize he has to touch patients to check for pain, I thought some things he did were borderline sexual perversion. He then said he didn't know what was causing my pain, other than myalgia, and wrote a prescription for a medication I had already been prescribed that didn't help. I told him this and he told me to try it for a few weeks and if it didn't help to return to his office and he would prescribe another medication. I didn't return and found a new dr who not only didn't require me to remove my clothes during an exam but also was able to provide a diagnosis and a treatment plan that worked. I would not recommend this doctor. 


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