Dr. Kelly Eaton Boussert MD

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Chronic Pain
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Pain Management Specialist
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Dr. Kelly Eaton Boussert MD is a Pain Management Specialist that deals with patients out of her office in Baton Rouge, LA. Her medical license was issued in the state of Louisiana.

She specializes in the following discipline(s):

  • Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Kelly Eaton Boussert MD graduated from Louisiana State University School Of Medicine In New Orleans in 2009.

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Office Address: 
Comprehensive Pain Management
9118 Bluebonnet Centre Blvd, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
United States


I cannot recommend this doctor for anyone experiencing chronic pain. Contradictory and conflicting statements regarding treatment plan. Does not involve patient in treatment and highly indignant if questions or limits placed on repeated testing which is not necessary. Unconcerned regarding patients welfare. Any other doctor would be an improvement. Sorry but true. 


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