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Dr. Deborah L. Parks, MD is a Rheumatologist that deals with Fibromyalgia patients out of his office in St Louis, MO.

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  • Adult Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine

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Washington University School of Medicine
St Louis, MO 63110
United States


I am looking for a primary or at least a doctor who knows how to treat but also believes that fibro is real and not a mental  illness or doesn't  exist.

I do have meridian mediciad.  I do know they are not good but it is all i have right now.  I am in alton ill so anyone here or in St. Louis that takes meridian i am looking for.

Someone who believes this is physical and not mental- i don't have the depression or anxiety part but do have a lot of physical  with it and it effects every nerve in my body

I was diagnosis several years ago  but the dr i had in  nc did not do the diagnosis but treated it along with alot of every thing else-he did research with nerve studies and knew i was not faking anything

He also did supplements and  drinks since i cant eat like normal any more.

Right now i am ending up in hospital a lot with infections and since December my knees gave out so walking is very hard but i am fighting every step of the way.  I am training another service dog right now since my old one died January 8, 2015.

So  this is not giving up this is me saying please help me get me as healthy as i can be with this and then i will fight for you every step of the way.  I do have a neurologist and a gastro but they don't believe me much although the neurologist is doing botox for the migraines now.

I have a gent that believes me too - and right now we are trying to find out about the blocked sinus and what to do with it.

I am looking for a doctor who believes that this is real,that i am not a mental illness patient but one with a lot of nerve damage to body, one who may maybe do supplements and drinks  to get me as healthy as possible but also one who knows with the nerve damage and fibro the pain is severe which i pass out from.  I need pain meds too and most i am allergic to or don't work right for me.

I just need help getting as well as possible but i  have to have someone who takes  meridian -even though it is crap it is all i have right now

Thank you for your time.



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