Dr. James Gideon

Doctor Specializes In: 
Chronic Pain
Doctor Type: 
Phone Number: 
419 369 2190
419 369 4431
Details/Testimonial About the Doctor: 

It took me ten undiagnosed years to find him, but fate played out in my favor when he moved to Findlay/ Bluffton, Ohio.  Hes has been my fibro doctor for almost ten years ... he is compassionate, intelligent, spends necessary time with each patient.  I respect Dr. Gideon as my doctor (God bless him), but see him as a good friend.  He knows fibro is no mystery syndrome, does all he can to treat my pain and suggest lifestyle changes.  He's got to be the best.

Office Address: 
Blanchard Valley Hospital, 3rd Floor
Gareu Street
Bluffton, OH 45817
United States


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