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sylvrstar 09-27-2013 09:48 AM

Living to Die....
Alone ......would be great just to hear someone say ," I care " , " I understand ." You are not Alone .....

1sweed 09-27-2013 07:17 PM

Re: Living to Die....
We care and we understand and you are very much not alone. Also welcome to the forum. This forum is all about helping those suffering from fibro and CFS, and pain problems. So you will fit right in and please ask questions and post where ever you like. There are lots of good topics to choose from and be sure to read the back posts for lots of info on coping skills.

See you around the forum! :)

Trfielder 10-02-2013 10:35 AM

Re: Living to Die....
That is exactly how I've been feeling....I'm now in the process of coming off cymbalta. Doesn't agree with me, been on a bunch of different meds. They all suck. You will have better days little things can make you smile..try to take it one day at a time. My new motto is It is what it is. Thinking that just seems to help...hoping you are having a better day.

Little Bev 10-08-2013 07:57 PM

Re: Living to Die....
trfielder, how long have you been on cymbalta? I'm also on cymbalta since Aug. I am weaning myself off. I read that you need to wean off, because the side effects are terrible. let me know how it goes for you. good luck.

Trfielder 10-09-2013 07:55 AM

Re: Living to Die....
Little bev. I'm on day 4 cymbalta free! So far so good ...lots of brain zaps..(moving head to fast causes pain) very foggy minded , forgetful. I know I'm suffering from wd but I know that is what it is so I'm determined not to take anymore..yes I do notice a pain increase but I'm looking for other ways to deal with it..I've been not doing as much around the house and taking rest breaks..the sunshine really bothers me so I'm hoping coming of the cymbalta will help..they say you are to taper 10% every few weeks toa's tough but I know I can do it this time...good luck to you and keep me posted


How are you today? Feeling better? Please post to let us know...being in that funk alone is scary. We honestly care, we've been there and will probably be there again..use us that is why we all sought each other out and were lucky to find this site for support.

mrs.kkk 10-09-2013 06:07 PM

Re: Living to Die....
I'm curious why are you getting off Cymbalta? I have tried to get off several times , weaning myself slowly. I ended up in so much pain, I absolutely could not function. Are you replacing it with something else? I have always had to increase my doasage in the winter. Any new suggestions are welcome.

Trfielder 10-10-2013 09:11 AM

Re: Living to Die....
I'm getting off cymbalta due to side effects and I want to try to deal with this naturally. I was kinda like a zombie, but very emotional at the same time,dry mouth didn't sleep well etc etc etc.....I am just dealing with the pain right now..I find I'm waking up through the night with my body twisted up in pain. I just try to breathe through it..kinda like having a baby ( ha that was easier) I know I had a hard time last winter from the cold ( we average -15 Celsius ) with a constant I'm not sure how this year will go I was just diagnosed I'm sure I've had this for awhile. I'm hoping to see a naturopathic dr within the next couple of weeks so I hope he can help...

Little Bev 10-14-2013 08:25 AM

Re: Living to Die....
For me, I am getting off cymbalta for a variety of reasons. The side effects are terrible, but the main reason are the long term side effects. I read early dementia, kidney and stomach problems. Now that I have my diagnosis, I feel that I can deal with and accept what's happening to my body better. I am still taking small dosage of gabapentin. I have not read anywhere about long term side effects of that med. If anyone knows or read about any,I would appreciate posting on here. Thank you.

DawnMS 10-20-2013 12:01 PM

Re: Living to Die....
Why is it that so many of us feel alone in this fight. Thinking it must be because up until recently it was never talked about. I have two very good friends for support and my 16 year old son is incredible but I honestly don't think my family believes in this disease.

I was on both cymbalta and lyrica and found neither of them work. I treat my depression and anxiety separately from my fybromyalgia and find that some what successful although I still have many days where suicidal thoughts creep in. I also take sleeping pills so that I am at least getting rest. This was the biggest help for me.

Being in Saskatchewan we are quickly approaching winter and the weather is getting colder I am struggling more and more. The aches are deeper and more severe. I am about to try hatha yoga and hope to find funds for aquasize twice a week.

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