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remnant 04-09-2016 03:05 PM

Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
The role of employers to employees with fibro is part of best practice that can be monitored by fibro associations. It is recommended that employees be reminded of deadlines for meetings as well as allowins time off for counselling. Sensitivity training for coworkers of those suffering from fibro should be provided. Another recommendable practice is to use stress management techniques. Employers should allow telephone calls during work hours for support. Also, providing counselling, information and employee assistance programs is crucial. It can't be gainsaid that allowing flexible working hours and frequent work breaks works wonders and so is allowing the employee to work from home.

Trellum 05-04-2016 09:32 AM

Re: Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
I like the sensitivity training idea, but that would cost money to the company, and doubt they'd want t spend any cash on something like that :( It's all about money for them, and they won't spend it unless they are forced to or they get some benefit. This is how our world works, sadly.

oportosanto 05-04-2016 09:47 AM

Re: Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
Everything that costs money will be hard to implement, at the same time we should try to make it happen.

Forgetmenot 05-04-2016 10:32 AM

Re: Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
It's a shame it won't happen .it should happen but it won't.will not here in the uk.
U get some support ,but it only goes so far then your left hanging .

DK_engineer 05-05-2016 12:55 AM

Re: Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
True - from the company's point of view they would rather have a worker with fewer needs.

sureimsore 05-05-2016 10:17 PM

Re: Fibromyalgia and work Part 2
LOL, I can just imagine working in an office now...everytime I have to reach for something they have to hear "owowow!" and then when I bend over to pick something up it "uhuhuhuhuh!" and the other assorted grunts, moans and OMG OMG!

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