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Default Fibromyalgia balance problems

I have Fibromyalgia which gives you balance problems sometimes.

Once I was walking from my office to a grocery store for lunch, tripped on NOTHING, landed flat on my face and guess where I was? In front of a liquor store! Bet that looked real cute! Then there was the time I tripped on something coming down the stairs in my home and I was propelled into the air arms out like superman and landed in the middle of our living room. All my daughter saw was me flying in mid air! Yep, scraped, bleeding but laughing so hard I could hardly stop. Then the topper of embarrassment, some people came to the front door and my daughter was asleep on one couch, and my step son on the other. The people at the front door needed something, (cant remember what) and I went back into the living room to get it, (which is in plain view of the front door as well) and I again tripped and fell flat on my face AGAIN, only this time I am so embarrassed that I am laughing at myself and then what do I do while laying on the floor unable to get up? Pass gas! And it was loud too! The people at the front door just looked mortified and asked if I was okay, and my daughter and stepson were besides themselves laughing so hard.....yep never thought I would put that one in print, but I hope I cheered you up with a little giggle! As for the hubbie, DENIAL...obviously...ignore it and it didnt happen. A lot of people are like that. um...especially men...(sorry guys..we do love ya) but if they see something wrong with their wife, how will you be able to ever take care of them? How are they going to deal with losing you someday? It's no excuse, but people handle things in different ways, and unfortunately not all handle things the way we would like. Well....hang in there hun....just take things one day at a time...count the blessings like thank God you didnt break anything.....
Big bear Hugs,

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