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Hi lYdia,

I have been there as well.......I was trying to buy the stress in the start of this and went on the lexapro (no groovy things happen to me, darn) but my sx have progressed and NO stress would cause it. Ihave been 100x more stressed then this past year and felt great. Infact I thrive on stress and worked a very stressfull job. I love it and stress is what gets my butt moving.

It is good news about the PD. The one thing my nuero did tell me and I have finally accepted is that with these muscle disorders that it takes time to show anything.

I hate not having diagnosed, mainly because then my loved ones think that I have a bad case of fibro or something. BUT, we dont really want a diagnosed, do we? As long as they cant find anything then we have more time or hope. So, even though it blows, lets take the no diagnosed for the time being.

I hope you feeling well and did not over do it!

Take care and have some wine.....oh, ps. I get that hungry thing as well. I will shake and get sick if I dont eat right when it happens. I believe my sugars are fine. And, I lost my butt as well! I miss it and so does my husband!
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