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Hi Becky

LOL, I can't press the buttons on my Ford to unlock the doors--or the hairspray can to fix my hair. The weakness is definitely not 'perceived' it's all too real. My fingers just collapse. I can hold things in my arms, though. The neurosurgeon is the one that pointed out the problems and weakness with the right hand--all I'd really noticed a real issue in was the left. He could see the fasciculations himself--and asked how frequent they were.

I can still write--though not even close to legibly. I can type still, so the fingers and hand aren't paralyzed--just extremely weak.

I have fibromyalgia--if you know anything about it--you know pain and feeling weak are pretty common. I can definitely tell the difference now between feeling weak and being weak.

The problem I'm having is I have other medical conditions--so don't know what is causing what. His testing in my elbows didn't seem to indicate to him that I had a trapped nerve there. I have no pain in my wrists or difference when my arm is bent or straight--other than the weakness.

The twitching is just damn annoying, not at all painful. The facial twitching has been a rather recent development--I didn't even think to mention it to the doctor when I saw him--it's mostly in my chin and jaw--but I have trigeminal neuralgia, so no clue what is causing what. My eyes twitch--but hell, my daughter's eyes twitch.

I had convinced myself over the last year that this has all been progressing that it was due to my neck--until it spread to the right side. I'm hoping to know more after I talk to the neurosurgeon office again tomorrow. His nurse is going to ask him what he wants me to do since the insurance is being so difficult. She also faxed the request with the doctors notes to the primary care doc. I can't change doctors very easily. I don't drive anymore as I can't work the pedals very well anymore--so I needed one close to home and this one is five minutes away.

I keep holding on to the comments I've read here that numbness isn't a sign of ALS--because I have definitely had numbness in my hands, arms and legs.

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