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Interest: I have questions about Fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain.
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Default Pain and more Fibro IDK

I have had a relatively healthy life, at this point 32 I do not get sick, IE no flu, fevers, colds etc are a rarity, but instead I get odd ball ailments.

I don't what causes them but they are becoming more frequent. I will break down the major stuff in my life

Chicken pox at 4
Shingles at 14
Grand mal seizure at 16-mri and cat scan ordered. Was told I had an epileptic seizure but didn't have epilepsy. I have abnormal brain waves on the right side.
19 I had intense migraines to feeling nauseous, room spinning etc, never say a dr and they went away
23-first child born no complications
28 I started becoming extremely fatigued mostly if i was out in the heat or after a work out . I had extreme brain fog and I would be out of it for a day. I had my hormones checked and iron etc, everything was normal. It went away on its own after a few months also I become pregnant at the time.
29 second child born no complications- borderline low thyroid, later tested normal, marriage fell apart (extreme stress)
30 went on hormonal birth control-general fatigue, slight weight gain 15 lbs otherwise no major issues
31-32(this past year) Feb 14, fatigue, dizziness while sleeping, hang over feeling yet no alcohol consumed. Tingling in right leg hip and foot, fatigue excessive napping, headaches. Had eeg, normal, had blood tests for various things diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, lupus etc, blood count etc, all normal except low normal range of vitamin d. Dr prescribed prednisone and I started on vitamins and most odd symptoms disapear. Drr. said I must be under a lot of stress, but I feel I do fine with stress...It isn't excessive stress.
Sept 14 begin have leg pain again feel like sciatica. , fatigue, and extreme knee pain lasts about a
month goes away
December1st 14 to present, pain in left chest/breast area, possible swollen lymph glands, stiffness upon waking, mood swings, depression, knee pain again and general fatigue. I just don't feel 'right'

I am wanting to return to the dr again because of the strain in the chest but I am not sure what to expect.

I am not a fan of dr.s I am not a hypchondriac. I prefer to stay away from drs and I get annoyed with things like pain etc because I want to live my life and do what I want. I don't think it is caused by anxiety or depression. I feel like my mental state is fine but there is something wrong with my body. I want to be fixed. I am 32 and I feel like I am 60 with all these aches and pains. I have 4 small children, I cannot be down for long.
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Interest: I am interested in learning about Fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain.
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Default Re: Pain and more Fibro IDK

It could very well be stress and or anxiety causing your chest pain/strain.

I had similar issues in the past ; was rushed to the hospital multiple times and hooked up to ECG machines. All reads normal.

The DR told me it was anxiety and stress of which i could not believe at that moment. How can anxiety and stress cause such PHYSICAL pain.

Well it does and did ; the mind is such a powerful tool.

I found myself focusing on the 'pain' waiting in anticipation for the next pain or cramp to occur near my heart and every single time i would anticipate and then 'feel' i found myself going deeper and deeper into a downward spiral.

My anticipation in a sense slowly trained myself to expect the pain. And from there my though patterns, my fears and ideas snowballed out of proportion. I had effectively conditioned myself to expect and feel the pain.

I am not saying this is your case ; but with the added stress you have at the moment with children and your duties it may be very well something you can look into.

I used a combination of CBT and medication to help overcome my stress and anxiety. I quit the CBT after 5 sessions due to lack of insurance and it becoming to costly.

Don't get me wrong the stress is still very 'there' but the anxiety has gotten to manageable levels.

p.s We may feel as though our mental state is fine ; but sometimes really it isn't ; deep down within the dark corners and recesses of your brain the subconscious mind plays a very big role in how your consciousness mind perceives and processes information. Again may not be your case but should not be ruled out.
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