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Default hypochondriac or fibromyalgia

thank you notme. im really not a hypocondriac haha i really put the twitches out of my mind most days because i really am used to them. i really dont dwell on als alot but after im alone, and my kids are in bed i sit down and start to notice the twitching. where it is the worst is my left arm, wrist, and hand. i havent been to the doctor since i noticed atrophy of the wrist and honestly i am scared to show anyone cause i know its not good my husband said it did look different and he did notice a dent in my forearm.... a long dent. i am thinking maybe its like this because i use my right more? hm. i use my right more so i dont use my left that much, but i think i could hold my toothbrush and open bottles with it. i can use my legs it just hurts when i go to stand up.

i plan on going to the doctor soon, i need to grow the balls sometime LOLOL and sorry about the drama on the other post, i really am not an argumentive type of a person.... i am just so damn anxious and i hate als man. even if i dont have it.... its not fair people go through with this crap. i pray you dont have it. i know that there are alot of people who have it waaaayyyy worse than me, i just decided to post on here cause i thought you guys would know what its like to twitch forever and have the anxious feelings of als. my husband really doenst understand what its like at all and he thinks there is def. something wrong but just has no idea what it is.......thank you for the reassurance. i really hope the best for you. i probly wont be back (im sure alot of people are going to be upset about that hahahahahaha jk but if i find out what is wrong with me i will come back and let you know! hopefully it is just fibro but i dont see why i would twitch more in one limb.

wait one more q: could me being in an accident cause fibromyalgia? i think i read somewhere that an accident or something of that nature like an injury can cause it. another wierd thing is that i had a miscarriage at the end of 2009 right when i started twitching. idk. im a mess.
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