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Hello, am new here but has been reading your posts....very interesting and encouraging I must say. I am still having a hard time understanding this fibromyalgia. For myself....I have alot of lower back pain and sometimes the upper back, on top of having light pain all over. So how does a person know whether the pain is caused by fibromyalgia or something else. I found a very good fibromyalgia site that is so thorough regarding the symptoms. But, for some reasons I still get confused about it all. Thank you and wishing you the very best to all of you...🤗


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A diagnosis for fibro is a process of ruling out all the other things it could be. There's no reliable specific test for it. And, the diagnosis is not all that helpful since there is no reliable treatment or cure for it, but the diagnosis will get you pain medication if that is what you want or need. It's probably best not to try to diagnose yourself, as your pain could be many things. See a good doctor and go from there.


The back pain may or may not be related. It is important for us to remember though, that when one area of our body is our of whack, then other areas can hurt. For instance if my knee is hurting, I walk differently. This can set of other muscle groups, since they are also being used differently, so to speak, as I walk.

What is the very useful site you found? Would you mind sharing it? I still get confused too and I was diagnosed in 2001.