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Does anybody have days when they can't walk in a straight line - as if tipsy? This usually occurs when I'm having a bad case of fibromyalgia fog.
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Yes! I usually walk like I've been drinking. Feel off balance. I never related it to fibro.


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Every day almost, every time I stand up I almost fall over. Sometimes I have to use the walls to help me stay upright.
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I wonder if doing balance exercises would help with this. I take a dance class once a week, and I always practice balancing on one leg while I lift the other leg at some point during the class. My balance has improved as a result of doing this even just one day a week. The difference isn't dramatic, but every bit helps.

If you want to try this, start standing next to a wall and have one hand on the wall while you lift one leg as high as is comfortable for you to lift it. Just practice using the wall less and less as a support. But don't go away from the wall! in case you need it. :)

I started out this way and now can lift one leg up fairly high and stand there like that for a count of 5 or 6 seconds without having my hand on the wall. but it took a while to build up to that. Not hard to do, just takes a few minutes.


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Yes! I have happen that happen frequently!! Seems like Fibro has ALOT of very odd symptoms!!


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Sometimes it makes me quite self conscious. I'm sure people think I've been on the booze. The irony is I can't take alcohol with my fibro as it causes so much pain in my neck!


Absolutely. Typically during a huge flare. I also experience severe cognitive issues along with the tipsy and fog.. e.g. on several occasions I've had to ask my s/o to repeat himself during conversation because I couldn't comprehend a word he just said.


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I have a tendency to "list" to the left a little sometimes. FYI, gabapentin gave me persistent balance and falling problems that went away when I stopped using it.


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Wow! It never even crossed my mind that this could be related to fibro! I've actually thought to myself many, many times that anyone watching me will think I'm drunk. I've even been concerned about getting into trouble at work over it. It's a real problem! Thank you so much for mentioning this - it's great to have an idea why this keeps happening.