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I was wondering about medications for Fibromyalgia pain. I have already tried Lyrica and Neurontin without any success and am still suffering from widespread pain, especially when I get out and walk.

The pain and weakness are all over, but esp. in both hips and legs. I have had x-rays to rule out bursitis. I am 58 yrs old, but I am having to use a cane to walk and may soon need to use a walker. I am very frustrated and am concerned that I will be stuck with this persistent pain.

Are there any other medications that may work for someone with this condition?

Thanks in advance.

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I think my mother had to add in cymbalta with her lyrica in order to get relief the lyrica on its own didnt help. I have symptoms but havnt tried any of those things yet. I do use kratom and have my MM card. as well as various supplements such as fibro response does help along with pacing and just taking breaks.


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I used to take something for the pain when I was first diagnosed. I believe it was Tramadol. I didn't really like the idea of having to take a pain med so I ended up looking for alternatives. I have gotten mixed reviews about Lyrica so i never tried it myself.
yeah I mostly deal with all my natural remedies . but like 2 days a week when I have a ton to do and want to feel somewhat normal to get through would be nice


Other medications they use for fibro is Cymbalta & Gabapentin. I was on Cymbalta for several years but it didn't provide much relief. I take a very mild dose of Gabapentin for nerve pain related to arthritis pressing on my spinal cord and find it to relieve some of my pain. If the pain is caused by the fibro or the bleeding on my spinal cord who can say. My rheumatologist told me right from the beginning the med's don't work you gotta get exercise. (ya right my body is screaming in pain!!!!!) It took three years (waiting list) but I managed to get into a warm water aquatics program in my area. The water is always 94 to 96 degrees and the water is easier on your body while giving you resistance. When the water gets moving it's also like a warm water body massage. This is definately a great natural therapy and a way to get exercise.

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Ive had fibro since 1991 and am 64 yo,I currently take 800 mg of gabapentin 3x a day and 60mg of cymbalta per day. I DID NOT start off at these dosages. I also take triple strength glucosamine w/condroiton, 2000 IU vitamin D3 (per my dr), calcium with magnesium and occasionally ibuprofen. Unfortunately, you will not find anything that makes the pain go away, at best hopefully some relief. I did just finish a 7 day dosepak of 4mg prednisone which does seem to have helped a bit more. Everybody is different though. What works for one may not work for another. And sometimes it takes a bit to find just the right combination of drugs and dosages that helps. So don't give up. Also, many factors can cause your fibro to feel worse. Such as weather and excess stress.


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I'm just coming out of a flare and find the only relief is prednisone. A five day series of 50 mg..
I recently started a weekly session a of shots in my trigger points of lidocaine,, which started in october. I don't think it's helping much but the dr said it may take time for my body to work. Has anyone else tried the shots.
I'm also using cannabis oil and oxicocet, lyrica, and oxneo. I also taking meds for rheumatoid arthritis. My Dr wants me to take cymbalta as well but I'm resisting. I'm taking enough. I would like to try water therapy but having trouble dressing myself now and using a walker, so that's hard to do.
I've been on a lot of stress lately which the dr said doesn't help. My daughter died a year ago from cancer, my husband is in a nursing home with dementia and my beloved canine passed away this fall. He was 12 yrs old and I had him since he was a puppy.
There must be something that works beside pain medicine. I also tried accupuncture but couldn't afford to keep going
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A combination of CBD and THC in a tincture is what is helping me the most, out of all the things I have tried.

Mrdawson, I am so very sorry to hear about your losses and trouble, and about your beloved dog. I, too, have very beloved animals that I feel I couldn't live without. It sounds as though you have a terrible load on your head and I am so sorry.
However..........There is a big problem with taking Prednisone, which of course is a steroid. Steroids increase your adrenal response to things, which makes you feel better for a short time. But the long term effects of steroid use are very bad indeed. the body becomes addicted to it and your adrenal gland is no longer able to function on its own. It is a short term solution in a very extreme situation, but is not good to use over time, not even in 5-day increments. If you continue using it, the time will inevitably come when you regret having done so.

I sure hope you find something that will help you.