Recruiting women with Fibromyalgia, Jaw Pain and Trouble Sleeping

Do you have fibromyalgia pain?

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and University of Maryland Dental School are looking for volunteers with widespread pain that includes jaw pain (TMJD) to participate in a research study to investigate the effect of three different non-drug treatments on pain and sleep symptoms.

Who's eligible?

- Women, 18-60 years old

- Jaw pain for 3 months or more

- Have sleep difficulties

What is involved?

- Jaw pain / TMJD diagnostic evaluation

- Interviews and questionnaires

- Sensory testing procedures

- Blood samples

- 2 at-home sleep studies

- Non-medication pain management techniques

- Duration: 20 weeks

Earn $25 for initial screening and up to $625 for remainder of the study (parking reimbursement included).

For information comment below.

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