Soy as a healthy food

Soya bean is present in many foods such as oil extract as a component

Proteins, has recently come to a halt among consumers. is

Which occur in the western market in the 1990s, when the population of reality

Asia has been used for centuries. Despite this long delay

Production and consumption in new markets, rose sharply shortly

More than two decades, with very distant values of those that are between the towns


The ease with which this food has managed to win the favor of the public

In a relatively short time is due to the capacity of the various food and beverage companies

Drugs have been shown to promote this substance as an effective

Healthy alternative. To contrast with other foods called artamente

In excess and dangerously bad cholesterol saturated fats, has been

Given that the only real choice of food for long-term health, and how

An irreplaceable pseudo-pharmaceutical watch, of natural origin and not of synthesis.

However, things are different. First, the new business, like

As was foreseeable, has led the powerful multinational corporations to steal a great deal of

Land for other crops, as well as the promotion of random deforestation actions, with

Painful reflections on everyone's health (an easy connection with ozone depletion.

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