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Fibromyalgia hope and progress

Fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain and fatigue, affects millions of people around the world. But now, there is a promising new breakthrough on the horizon that could bring much needed relief to those suffering from this condition.

Recent research conducted by scientists from the University of Cambridge has identified a potential new drug target for Fibromyalgia. This new drug works by targeting a specific protein that is believed to be involved in the development and progression of the condition.

Breakthrough Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue

Trauma, repetitive stress injury, scarring, inflammatory reactions, the effects of gravity on a poorly aligned body and life stressors can all create restrictions in the myofascia. These restrictions cause pain and stiffness making it difficult for you to move and prohibiting you from doing those things you love to do.  Fascia is a thin connective tissue that runs from the top of the head to the tip of the toes in an uninterrupted web. It surrounds all the organs, lymph and blood vessels, the nerves, the brain and spinal cord, and every muscle in the body.

Pain- Your Alarm system

Pain is multifactorial: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Pain is REAL. When you are in pain, you are vulnerable. In the vulnerability there is a portal that opens any/all wounds that are waiting to be healed. At the moment of connection it can feel like you have stepped into a deep blackness. It is terrorizing and there is a chilling aloneness that cannot be described. Fear grips you as you cannot feel the ground beneath your feet. Your body tenses as a natural normal response to the fear and pain blocking the flow of vital life-giving oxygen and nutrients. Energy is blocked.

An Update on Fibromyalgia Therapy

Lady getting a massage

Fibromyalgia research, study and awayness has increased over the past decade.  While once a relatively knew, unstudied and unknown condition, it's now widely believed to be showing signs of being a disease and as knowledge grows, so to does the available treatments and therapies.

Developments in the understanding of the physiology of Fibromyalgia have led to improvements in treatment.  Therapies include prescription medication, behavioral intervention, exercise, and alternative and complementary medicine. Integrated treatment plans incorporating medication, exercise, education and cognitive-behavioral therapy have shown effective in alleviating pain and other related symptoms such as chronic fatigue and depression.