Online Fibromyalgia Test

Do you think you might have fibromyalgia?  Complete this 5 minute online fibromyalgia test to find out.

The newest method of determining whether you may have fibromyalgia is the Widespread Pain Index (WPI) combined with your measure of Symptom Severity (SS). Find out your likelihood of having Fibromyalgia by completing the form below.

1 Start 2 WPI Index 3 Symptoms (A) 4 Symptoms (B) 5 Bio Data 6 Complete
You understand that this survey is not meant to be a substitute for a diagnosis by a medical professional. Patients should not diagnose themselves. Patients should always consult their medical professional for advice and treatment. This survey is intended to give you insight into research on the diagnostic criteria and measurement of symptom severity for fibromyalgia.