National Fibromyalgia Research Association

The National Fibromyalgia Research Association is a good source for what’s new in fibromyalgia research and education.

The National Fibromyalgia Research Association (NFRA) is a fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) activist organization in Salem, Oregon. Our mission statement is: “Dedicated to education, treatment and finding a cure for fibromyalgia.” NFRA has consistently built on this premise educationally, financially, and politically in an effort to raise public, medical and government awareness of this debilitating illness.

NFRA was founded in 1992 by Jack Scott and has funded in excess of 1.6 million dollars toward these goals.

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I visited their site today (Jan 18, 2017) and they posted the following message:

"The National Fibromyalgia Research Association was formed over 20 years ago with a mission. Our Mission: to fund research, educate health care professionals and raise public awareness about fibromyalgia, this painful, debilitating illness.

NFRA is now winding down its mission and is no longer updating research information or accepting donations.

To those of you, our supporters, who donated the funds that made it possible for us to carry out our mission until now –


I am not sure what this means. Did they simply give up on FMS research?