20 Years of Fibromyalgia by Paul Harrison

This video is from September, 2011.  While years old now, it's still very relevant to the struggles people have with Fibromyalgia.

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I hope that Paul gets the treatment he deserves. I've had this cursed illness for over 30 years now. Diagnosed at 28 when there was no help available. I finally found a specialist in my hometown Australia and although I still have the same problems, I have access to treatment for symptoms. I haven't lost my faith but it's sorely tested. It is so isolating. I don't have any family support and that's the hardest part. I get depressed and cry about it but that doesn't help. I just stay isolated.

Tonight I sit here tears streaming down searching for anyone who knows what my life is like im so tired.  I have lost my will i am 57 years and was first diagnosed with chronic myofacial pain syndrome and it has been one doctor after another i feel like i cant go on. Fibromyalgia has taken my life i have nothing else to lose i have lost all ability to participate in anything.  I continue to tell my doctor i need help i need my meds increased to no avail.  Everything you say are my thoughts im so depressed and sad.  I dont want to continue this battle anymore they don't listen or really care

Beverley, I know sometimes we're at such a low point in life that we just want to give up.   Everything seems hopeless and painful.  There's no enjoyment left in life and stopping seems like the easiest solution.  I just wanted to write because I was at the depths of my despair for the past two years.   I was in a walking living hell.   I'm so glad that I continued though because the universe has a strange way of giving you just what you can handle and from those depths will come something positive.  I know it seems hopeless now but you need to keep fighting.

It's probably useless advice, but you really do have to find those small things in life that just make you forget about everything else.  Planting a seed and watching it grow, a ray of sunshine, Spring, something.  

You're in my thoughts and prayers.  All the best.

Thank you Paul, just by sharing your story, this has helped me yet again to justify why I feel like I do, its a horrible condition and the Pain is excruciating. I am booking back onto the self management course designed by Kate Lorig at Stanford, in the UK in Wales its known as eppwales.org.  This helped me for years I also ran it for 6 years. it was my most rewarding job however I can no longer work and I await the day I am well enough just like thousands of others. who knows they may find a cure. 

Hey Mate,

I'm a 34 year old male from India. I started having pains in 2009. I wish that you get better days ahead or at least a better way to handle the pain.  I'm sure you would have tried many things to understand the triggers.  My triggers are cold weather and stress (physical or emotional).

I get better only when I'm out in the sun for at least 3 to 4 hours a day and resting.

I get anxious if I don't remember that I'm feeling pain.  Then I try to remember what I did yesterday. I got the exact stressor (lifting bag, sneezing etc) remembering the trigger makes me feel less anxious.

I would recommend you to learn some creative works like designing on computers etc. It's really easy to work on them and you can work from home easily.

I myself am a graphic designer for the past 16 years.

You are not alone. Take care.

I want to say so much, ,but thank you is all that i can manage right now. Thank you for sharing!

I came across your video by chance on my millionth search for more info or drugs or empathy! I so can relate to all your pain and fears. The treatment by the medical world is very disheartening. I feel like my pain doc cannot wait for me to leave and doesn't have anything to offer. As you said-- I have more info from my research than they do. I shouldn't have to educate them.  

Sorry I cannot offer anything but complete empathy and understanding. But know that your video helps others validate their pain and see that we are not crazy. I too cannot accept my fate. Guess I am not ready to give up. I would give up years of my life for pain relief. That stuns my family and friends but also shows that they have no idea. 

Even support groups pretty much don't offer much. I feel like most of them are either misdiagnosed or not very well versed. I get tired of people saying that they don't take drugs and that their pain has been cured by supplements-- I feel like I am being judged for doing anything I can to get pain relief. 

So I am catching myself in a spiral of complaining so I will stop. I just wanted to say thanks and I understand. You are validated!


I'm 30 years old Indian woman iam living in Australia last month I found what wrong with me ,my baby is 2 years old so hard for me as mother to hold and play with my daughter  iam really upset and iam living with tears now please someone help me even my memory also going down in Australia doctors said its knee osteoarthritis  bcs iam feeling sudden pain in my knees I can't walk please any doctor in Australia or in India please help  which medicine are good any diet 


Have you seen the Gerson Miracle documentary? I believe it is on YouTube. 

Perhaps it could help you. The pharmaceutical companies and most of the medical community rebuke it, however,

people are allegedly cured of all types of chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia. I hope this helps you. 

May god bless you and give strength !


If you were able to find possible relief even partial from the daily pain of Fibromyalgia and it was simply by wearing a pair of socks. No gimmicks no magnets or copper, just socks. Would that be important?
Hello paul I hope this finds you well I too am in the exact same position as you at 40yrs and felt i had to try connect with you I actually cried watching your story and felt for you too. Doctor s are not up too scratch regarding our condition I had love to hear back from you and hear how your getting on. I m still awaiting successful treatment to manage Kindest regards