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I know MS can cause pain which is what made me think the dr had no clue what he was talking about!

I am concerned about ALS because my twitching is ALL over, everday and hit several times an hour--even wakes me in my sleep

Have you had an EMG?

What are your drs tell you?

I have also learned w MS a clean MRI does not mean its not MS and I am worried that a clean EMG could mean the same w ALS. It scares me that I have this extreme joint cracking, bones are popping out of the socket too, as well as the twitching and now muscle pulls. I just dont know what to think

I am a 33 yr old female and just feel hopeless
First, if you have widespread twitching but a clean EMG, then you do not have ALS.
ALS = both upper and lower motor neuron damage. Fasciculations can be a sign of lower motor neuron damage. However, lower motor neuron damage will ALWAYS show up on the EMG. That being said, something else is causing these twitches and its is most likely the benign fasciculation syndrome. Some people with fibromyalgia also have widespread twitching. Sometimes, fasciculations do appear on the EMG. But if there are no abnormalities found ( Clean twitches with no denervation ) then it really is benign.

I never had a EMG. My neurologist did some test and found no abnormalities. He said that ALS has nothing to do with pain and the fasciculations usually appear after weakness. In some of the cases, fasciculations precede weakness but these fasciculations are not all over the body.. and after my follow up to get the MRI results, i still had no weakness which confirmed his diagnosis of ' something most likely benign' . Most neurologists never heard of BFS, apart from the fact that its benign..

When BFS started for me in august, i noticed the intense joint cracking aswell. I guess this goes hand in hand with the muscle twitches.

The last thing you can do is getting a spinal tap to rule MS out. If it all comes out clean then you just have to be happy; no ALS, no MS, and no abnormalities found on the MRI ( so no tumor in the spinal cord pressing on the nerves or something like that )