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    What is your dream job?

    My name is Katie, and I have Fibromyalgia. I'm only 22. I've attempted to work full-time, but I was fired for issues related to disability. I saw a disability lawyer after the incident, but she stated it would be very difficult to file and win as I did not have my doctor's support. Since then, I...
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    I'm New ... and in pain

    Wow, that must have been so difficult going through those things without family. I am sorry to hear those things happened to you. Ya know, I was priveledged to have been able to take a few courses on fibromyalgia and symptom management. In one of the courses, they had a special section all on...
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    I'm New ... and in pain

    Hmm, I think I understand what you're talking about. So far since having fibromyalgia, I've seen people react in two main ways. One group of people tend to do what I call "poor baby" (they're the pillow fluffers/enablers of the world), and the other show a general lack of understanding...
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    I'm New ... and in pain

    Hi Sienna, I'm sorry that you are experiencing those difficulties with your family. I'm certain that can be very difficult. I was also diagnosed while I was in college. However, I've had chronic pain for much longer. I was first diagnosed with a chronic pain illness in 2010. What seems to be...
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    Do you work? What do you do?

    Hello! My name is Katie, and I recently was just released from an office administration position due to issues relating to Fibromyalgia. I found this job to be dibilitating due to the high stress. For me, I find that low stress jobs that are more active are where I thrive. Prior to working as an...