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I am having issues with setting up my profile it says my Bio is spam like? Can I send you what I was trying to add? It’s not anything spam like or inappropriate I don’t know what the issue is.... can I send it to you for review and you add it to my bio for me?
Have any of you used a SAD lamp? I know it's for depression/chronic fatigue but as most of us have a dual diagnosis I thought it was worth a try. 2 weeks and nothing really to report except that I like it. Does anyone have any experience? know of anyone with any experience? Well wishes for all of you out there.
I am wondering how many are on some type of pain killer ? I was prescribed Tridural. the doctor told me it wasn't a narcotic, and I use a low dose. the Tridural seems to work a little at least it takes the edge off the pain.
is anyone using cannabis for the symptoms ? the first use of cannabis legally was for FM.
My Dr. never would prescribe any pain killers for me and I didn't want to take what they wanted to give me (i.e. SSRIs). However, I did try Gabapentin for the severe nerve pain I have and it did NOT do well for me.
I use cannabis everyday and am a huge advocate for CBD products. Everyone is different so you truly need to find what works for YOU.
Cymbalta and CBD seem to be helping with pain but not fatigue
So far just gabapentin. It made my skin worse. Ive tried medical mj. No help either. And they want more blood tests.