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Hi sunkacola... Any idea why I suddenly "have insufficient privileges to answer here" in all areas? o_O Or what I have to do to be able to talk again...? ;-)
Hi! I’m new with this forum. I was diagnosed with Fibro March 2020. I’ve been in a lot of pain since then. Severe headaches, IBS, GERD etc..done with lots of test/exams. At present I’m taking duloxefine.For few days already i’m experiencing eye pain with eye floaters. I wonder if some of you also experienced the same.I am really scared.. because i read some articles online that you can go blind if you have fibro..
can't go blind, but I have started noticing things, because I have slowed down because of FM, so my eye sight has gotten better at seeing things that others don't.
Myofascial Trigger points are worse than fibromyalgia tender points. They are in nerves located in the fascia all over the body. Practitioners who do MFR can release them.