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    Cloths, Shampos, lotions, light sensativity, etc.

    There has to be those of us that have by trial and error have found some things to be better than others, as far as what works for you. I have the super dry skin problem, still looking into what that problem stems from, I "think" there is more going on other than Fibro, but, I have tried every...
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    Noise cancelling headphones

    I found a really good pair of noise cancelling headphones. One of the symptoms that has plauged me for yrs is noise overload. I finially ordered Bose 32 ii. This is the best thing that has happened to me in years. I finially thought I HAD TO DO SOMETHING BeFORE I loose my mind. Just in the...
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    Anyone else

    prior to pain Im feeling a sensation as though some ligaments or cartalige is moving, I can feel the exact time and sensation. Folowed by weeks of disabling pain. Im wondering now if I have something other than Fibro.
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    Rib pain

    HI GUYS! I have had Rib Pain on 2 seperate occasions. Both times I was straining. I heard a pop, and then the pain.-Problem is I was only doing light work around the house. Both injuries were back to back.Just when I was getting things done :(.
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    Getting in over my head.

    Have you ever gone in over your head? Learning how to Wait.....again, suffering for not waiting, again. When will I ever learn?
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    Easy resolution

    So hear ye hear ye! Tis time to give ones self a huge break from the worlds exspectation, let alone your own family members. One may say " Well its about time. " Or, to what privalege does one induldge in such wealth of positive information?? lol lol . ... So hear is my wonderful news. Guess...
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    And a child shall lead them!

    last night while getting ready to climb in between my grandchildren to watch a movie I said" ok you guys need to move over and make some room for na na" The youngest 6 yr old said " Na Na how come your so fat? Did you eat to much candy?." My heart dropped, my heart said to itself, ok thats it...
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    After being off of Amnytripolane for a season ,I decided loosing sleep and keeping hubbie awake, I would go back on. For the first week I was in heaven ahhhh sleep, lots of it. But!,, Drumrole.....Im Having side effects., swollen white tounge, scalloped edges, and due to the swelling scalloped...
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    took caffine pills today/bad move

    To much to do and so little energy. So out of guilt, I drank to many energy drinks. Now Im wide eyed and cant sleep for sure. I stoped amnytriptoline,,,sp. because of dry mouth and other side effects, but, I think I need to go back on it. Grrrr, I hate being dependant on pills. Could be worse...
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    New pain symptom/ Muscle,nerve,skin. leather

    DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS? FROM THE TOP OF MY FOOT TO THE TOP OF MY CALF FEELS LIKE MY TISSUES ARE TURNING TO LEATHER INSIDE, AND PAINFUL. LAST NIGHT iI iced it for a while, but I still awken with it this morning, includeing tops of both feet. Im so glad I have you guys to vent to. I cant...