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  1. Janet L

    Hair loss?

    No hair loss here thankfully... fibromyalgia is enough for me, if I lost my hair it'd be it, nice hair is all I've got going for myself sometimes lol :)
  2. Janet L


    Hi Omari, welcome to the forum. Do you have any questions about Fibromyalgia?
  3. Janet L

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Ruby, TMJ, my friend has that, so uncomfortable :( Lol, "fun stuff" :p Hope you're having a manageable day today
  4. Janet L


    Hugs and kisses and well wishes :) You live in British Columbia, a beautiful province. The mountains :) Does your fibro still allow you to still enjoy some of the good nature?
  5. Janet L

    Hi from Mississippi

    Yes, it's only when it gets beyond any "normal" level of pain and discomfort do we aggressively seek help and then eventually get to our diagnosis. I'm similar, I think perhaps I'm lucky versus how severe some people's pain and discomfort. My husband says 'keep on truckin', and I think...
  6. Janet L

    Well Met

    Hi Yatte! You've got a special and nice way with words. A joy to read :) I think you're right, we're a small community and a special group of people (those of us with auto-immune diseases). I, a long time ago, came to the conclusion that we all have troubles and problems. Everyone. Ours...
  7. Janet L


    Hi Susie, welcome to the group. You said it was a long journey, was finding a diagnosis difficult?
  8. Janet L

    Hi im new

    Hi, welcome. Another person that had bad mono, there's a trend here. I'm glad you found us and I hope you have lots to share and find it helpful here. I know I do :)
  9. Janet L

    Newly diagnosed, yet long time sufferer

    Hi mermaiden, love your username :) Welcome to the forum. It's very true, while my diagnosis was upsetting, it was more relief than anything. Like I've heard so many others say, "now I know I'm not crazy".
  10. Janet L


    Hi Maria, welcome to the group! Do you find the Gabapentine relieves much pain otherwise? I had tried it long ago, but it didn't do much for me either. I then read online that it's only helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers about 30% of the time.