31 yr old

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    Is this Fibromyalgia

    Hi All, I really appreciate all your time and comments. I have mentioned my symptoms below, please forgive my English, as I am not good at it. I am 31 yr old male. 1. Upper back pain and neck pain started around June 2015 with numbness in right hand little finger and right leg little finger...
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    Is it Fibro

    Oops posted in wrong window
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    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi, I'm Katie. I'm a 31 yr old insurance agent, wife of ten years and mom to 4 boys ages 8, 7, 1 and 4 months. I've had issues that I've been told since I was 15 are all because of my hypothyroidism. After many years of ignoring many symptoms the severe pain started in about 2 years ago. It...