burning mouth

  1. D

    Burning mouth syndrome

    Anyone else suffer this along with fibro? If so, what came first and was there something that irritated the mouth or a dental treatment involved? Thrush? Medication caused? Any input would be greatly appreciated. D.
  2. D

    Fibro for years.....

    Hello all, I was diagnosed with fibro in 1986. I have been through so much byt managed. The best thing for me was to change my lifestyle, eat better, get sleep and stay connected with the outside world. I have also tried meds here and there but nothing helped. I am now suffering with...
  3. W

    burning mouth syndrom

    Hi everyone, I have been having BMS for almost a year now. I saw my dentist and he said everything was alright. I saw me Dr. and had a MRI and everything is fine. :grin: I even saw a neuroloigist and he said my nerve test was alright. He also did blood work and at the moment my thyroid is a...
  4. 1sweed

    Burning Mouth Syndrome

    This topic has been mentioned by a few members of the forum, so I thought I would share some information about it. Burning mouth syndrome or sometimes called glossodynia, means tongue pain. However, the pain and burning can involve the lips and tongue, the roof of the mouth and inside of the...
  5. S

    Dental Problems?

    My mother has Fibro, and was diagnosed several years ago. She also has something the doctors are calling "burning mouth syndrome" where she can't handle ANYTHING spicy, not even black pepper, heck not even anything vinegary like tomatoes or pickles! She gets ulcers in her mouth that look...