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    Cancer and fibromyalgia

    Having successfully been managing fibromyalgia on guaifenesin for the last ten years I have recently stopped taking it after being diagnosed with colon cancer. I have had surgery to have a tumour removed from my colon and also liver surgery to remove a node that had spread to my liver. Doctors...
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    Just joining the group. Have been battling with Fibro since at least 2003. Became allergic to Lyrica 3 years ago after being diagnosed with CML and starting to take a chemotherapy pill daily. Unable to tolerate Selliva. Looking for support and a good doctor in the Louisville, KY area that...
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    Hey everyone. While I was sitting here at my computer, feeling frustrated and sorry for myself, a thought just struck me: there are a lot of people who have it much worse than we do. I know you probably don't want to hear that, but it's important to consider. For example, someone with cancer...
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    chemo and radiation when suffering

    Illnesses can cause Fibromyalgia to flair in my opinion, Does taking chemotherapy or radiation treatments cause Fibromyalgia sufferers cause :?:more harm than if they were going through such things as surgery, or trials of not so drastic of measures? Having to take chemotherapy or radiation...