1. PazzyRay

    Dealing with Comorbid Conditions (such as Bipolar)

    Hello, apologies if this had been covered before. i searched the forum and only saw one discussion on the topic, which was locked. I am interested if anyone else has a serious comorbid condition(s). How have you dealt with overlapping symptoms and differing treatments? Did you focus on one...
  2. A

    Hello from Arkansas

    Hello! I am relatively new to fibromyalgia, having only been diagnosed about a month ago. I'm struggling to wade through the information out there about the disorder and treatment options. I also have comorbid Iritis, Celiac Disease and Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.
  3. E

    "Comorbid" conditions

    What, if any, are other conditions you are dealing with along with fibro and the ages they started? I wonder if come up with a pattern. Mine are: Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, age 12 Vitiligo, age 14 Uterine fibroids, age 39 GERD, age 38 I also suspect early celiac or gluten sensitivity since...