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    Newly Diagnosed

    Hi all, Thought I'd pop in and introduce myself :-) I'm recently diagnosed with Fibro (2 weeks ago) but suffered with M.E/CFS for almost 8 years, what a journey! I'm also diagnosed with Printzmetal's Angina and Hemiplegic Migraine. Am on lots of meds for the above, plus more meds, neuro has...
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    Sick with a cold and used Mucinex - Guaifenesin

    Hello. I'm joining this forum to say hello and to offer my story on my recent use of Mucinex during a 10 day nasty cold virus. My history with Fibromyalgia - I have known I've had it for over 15 years and I have tried to manage through the pain and over the last year it has almost disabled me...
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    New to the title but not the pain

    In the beginning, (6years or so ago), was Graves disease which nearly killed me before I killed it, (radioactive iodine). And, as in the program HEE HAW, they used to sing, "Deep dark depression, excessive misery." It took 4 docs and 3 years to get it regulated. And it was the worst pain by far...